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Do you maybe have any inspirational video about digital transformations happening now?

Digital Marketing
Paolo Beffagnotti
1 month ago

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Here are two videos re San Leandro's thriving, collaborative ecosystem of innovation and technology.
The interviews are here:

The music video counterpart is here:

Here is a webinar about how interactive video is changing digital video

Here is an interactive video about how inbound marketing and marketing automation has transformed traditional marketing as well as other examples of interactive video

Bill Knowland
1 month ago
Finally I had the time for watching these, really interesting. Thanks for sharing! - Paolo 1 month ago
The digital transformation of video production facilitate by technological and business innovations to radical changes. High quality professional video production remains expensive and time consuming, the lowering of technological, financial and skill. - Jatindranath 1 month ago
Essentially we are looking at technological democratization, which has affected many industries. Experienced video producers have additional value beyond technology, which is strategy, creativity and project management. - Bill 1 month ago

The volume of video consumption has been growing at unprecedented speed. In addition to traditional TVs and desktop computers, the proliferation of smartphones and tablet computers has freed people from the confinement of their homes and offices. People are increasingly able to consume videos anywhere anytime, even using multiple screens concurrently.

Jatindranath Das
1 month ago

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