Credibility or long term/short term goals issue


Often times we hear leaders focus too much on short term results and lack focus on the long term. Opposing argument is that, when one cannot deliver the quarter and the year, justifying misses of short term in the name of long term. In reality an organization needs to live through the current moment to ensure there is a future. carefully thought of actions are required to manage both long term and short term and it is just normal business.

The question that often gets on lack of short term focus or lack or long term focus - isn't it just related the leadership not having credibility in taking care of both short term and long term that organizations continue to deliver sustainable results? Is this a credibility and trust question on the leadership?

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Anu Rathninde
28 months ago

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Managing short term goals verses long term goal is a balancing act. You should also look for short term wins (small wins are still wins) that keep your contributions visible throughout the year. However, you also need to be working on long term goals in the background. If balanced correctly you should have a mix of both short term and long term wins in every 12 month period.

Debbie Reynolds
28 months ago
well said Debbie Reynolds. Often times managers get buried into monthly and quarterly number instead of take it as required while working on setting up future where if done correctly, then short numbers will be taken care by itself. - Anu 27 months ago

I think trust is the key issue here.

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
27 months ago

Culture plays a part here. Some countries such as Japan will take a very long term view of results as long as the final goal is worth having. Others see no further than next quarter.

Business leaders need to protect shareholders for both the short and long term.

David Cottrell
27 months ago

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