What type of manager are you?

  • a teacher manager who develop employees' skills
  • a cheerleader manager who always give positive feedback
  • always-on manager who provide frequent feedback
  • connector manager who provide feedback but connect employees to different team in the organization
  • a mix of the above
  • none of the above

At the beginning I was a cheerleader manager, now I am more a mix of the 4. Generally speaking, what I really don't like is micro-managing people. And you?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
28 months ago

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In the beginning I was like John Wayne in Hondo; throw them in the water and make them learn themselves how to swim. It worked pretty well when almost all them earned more money or got promoted. Then I encountered those micro-managers who alienated people. So I became the go to person; cheerleader, confidant, teacher, take a bullet for the team... I believe to setting-up people to succeed not fail.

Raoul Gruenberg
28 months ago
Thanks for sharing your experience. Agree that setting up people to succeed is a good choice - Paolo 28 months ago

I can't tell by myself. Probably my team should be better to answer however, I would like to pick good things from each bullet points :)

Hitesh Mathpal
28 months ago
Interesting point. Do you think you could get any mismatch if compared with your idea? - Paolo 28 months ago

From the list: a teacher manager who develop employees' skills

Anu Rathninde
28 months ago
Anything out of the list? - Paolo 28 months ago

My goal is to get the best out of each employee possible, this includes using every type of skill I have in order to succeed. Looking and listening are key, teaching and guiding are key, setting expectations and having conversations are also key. Having integrity goes a long way to build the trust needed to be a great leader

Debbie Reynolds
28 months ago

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