Are Agencies dead?


What's the new or evolving role of the advertising agency in the converging world of marketing, media, networks, channels and digital platforms?

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Peter Geary
12 months ago

2 answers


Dead in the traditional sense may be a better way to say it. Like any business or industry, advertising agencies need to evolve or be replaced. There has been a consolidation of the larger agencies into powerhouses of a family of agencies that in theory, can offer everything a brand needs under one roof. That model remains to be seen outside of the mega brands.

What has seemed to change is the proliferation of smaller, niche agencies that fit specific needs.

Also, what has changed are the roles ad agencies have had to recruit for. 10 years ago, some agencies would not have had dedicated analytics, UX or other departments and now those skills are necessary.

Charlie Riley
12 months ago

Dead? No. But demand is dwindling. However as long as their are brands outside of traditional advertising metro's that don't love the idea of a remote team, agencies will survive.

Jon Kagan
12 months ago

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