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Anyone else not receiving payments?

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David Cottrell
15 days ago

3 answers


It looks that recently there are delays with payments

Paolo Beffagnotti
15 days ago
No, I dont see any issue. - Wasim 14 days ago
I have had the same issue and received the same emails as others - unfortunately, no explanation other than 'issues they are working on' - Robert 14 days ago
I'm glad it's not just me but 'issues' sounds ominous. - David 14 days ago
From my side, issues with accounting but then I got the payments. Some delays recently but never had other problems - Paolo 14 days ago
Last month, I had delays, sent emails, was told there were issues they were working on, and eventually got paid. This month, same thing, except I am still waiting. - Robert 14 days ago

Yes there is lot of delay, and I had sent mail and got response that they have some issues with accounting system and working on it.

Masarrat A Shah
14 days ago
Thank you, Masarrat - David 11 days ago

Yes, there are some delays and it tooked 2 months in my case to get payed

María F Lara
12 days ago
Thank you, Maria. Did they offer any explanation? - David 11 days ago

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