What is holding us back?


What mental hurdles will early adopters of frictionless markets need to overcome to engage all in?

Erwin Verhoeven
36 months ago

2 answers


A few issues that will need to be overcome:

  • Trust
  • Accuracy
  • Dependability
  • Ease of use
  • Lifestyle integration
  • Accessibility
Scott Stadum
36 months ago

This is the typical "killer app" problem. It took years for people outside of the research, government, and educational areas to figure out how the internet helped them. It was really until the convergence of home computing, services like AOL that it really took off in any meaningful way.
This will be the same for all major technologies today that are in their incubation phase. AI, AR, and especially Blockchain technologies like Bitcoin, Etherium, etc.

Eric Kramer
36 months ago

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