Data Scientist or Data Hackers or Data Theives?


While surfing thru Netflix, saw a Documentary "The Great Hack", and was shocked to the core. Now, as the title says it is related to Hacking and when I started watching it was more deeper than just hacking. Yes, Cambridge Analytica and their theft and what I call Terrorism against the Data and Privacy of more than 80 million people not only in USA but around Globe. I was so angry to see how they were laughing and making jokes about how they were manipulating the minds of people using FB questionnaires related to personal views for their own gain or for the gain of their Clients, and Clients are our Politicians, so called our Leaders whom we trust to run the countries, our political system which now is in shambles around most of the Globe. Thanks to the Data Analytics and Data Scientist who are helping these "Leaders" to kill our Human Rights and make them win their shady agendas by Cheating and using Data as a Weapon against us.
Why are we using Facebook, or Google or Amazon when they don't respect our rights to be anonymous, when they don't care about our Privacy, when they just care about their Business and Profits and being on top of the pyramid.
Did we invented this new Technology called AI and ML and DS for killing our human rights, for jeopardizing whole humanity and its existence. I wonder how many Cambridge Analytics ":LIKE:" are there as of now who are making money by using our private data.
Our Countries, Our Democracy, Our Human Rights are in total danger, if Tech. Giants won't take action we will see total chaos in the world. It is the responsibility of these big Tech. Companies to use the technology for making this world better and peaceful rather than reverse. We need to use AI and Data Analytics to take care of Climate Change, Water Crisis, Tsunamis, help reduce Global Warming which is so important now.
The Responsibility of people, is to use Social Media responsibly, read the agreement before accepting it, stop sharing your private details on it "if you care about your Privacy". We have to own it, and we have to fix it, otherwise we will keep get exploited and cheated in the hands of so called today's "Leaders", who use Big Data and Data Scientist to get into our minds and make us think like them.
You have total control of your thoughts and mind, unless you let anyone take control of it.

Please do watch "The Great Hack" on Netflix to see how our data is used and how we are cheated.

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Masarrat A Shah
6 months ago

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All of it, I guess is a reality.

Ali Qudrat
6 months ago
Yes, Ali it is indeed a very scary Reality. - Masarrat A 6 months ago

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