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Stem cells are known to be present in Breast feeding. Do you think that breast feeding from another women to an infant can make him avoid inherited genetic disorders. ?

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Hussam Abu-Farsakh
12 months ago

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No. I am sorry but I find this a silly question. I am not sure why this is being asked here in this forum, but as many people are not scientifically inclined, I shall try to answer this. Breast milk certainly has many benefits, the proteins in the milk- especially the antibodies and anti microbial products. However, it is important to note that cells do not confer the same properties as do proteins. 1. Proteins are generally safe as they do not typically mount an immune response in the recipient unless they are new (never experienced in the recipient- such as red blood cell proteins). 2. Proteins are labile and thus have a short half life. 3. Proteins are often directly functional, thus a baby getting mom's milk will benefit from mom's antibodies (proteins) immediately. Stem cells, are cells like any other except they have unique properties that allow them to expand and divide continuously. However, cells in general are not transferable as they considered foreign. They contain hundreds of thousands of protein on their surface that will most certainly elicit an immune response (yes, even from mommy). They will be killed off pretty quickly. Also, if they come in through the beast milk, they will enter the digestive track and will suffer immensely via digestive stomach juices, etc.
So, no- it is not likely that stem cells from mom's breast milk will work very well in the baby and allow the infant to reverse a specific inherited genetic disorder.

Charles Gullo
12 months ago
I fully agree with this response; there is no need to have any further discussion on this topic. - Karel 12 months ago

This is silly I agree with the other statement a mother's breast milk is important because of baby identifies with the atom cells electrons the chemicals in the body the feeling of the mother and there's nothing so healthy for a baby is to have the mother's breast milk there's no guarantee they're going to pick up something they're going to pick up chicken pox it going to pick up depression are going to pick up cancer that does not depend on the breast milk there can be something genetic already in the baby's development or the baby can just pick it up later in life and it can be a coincidence.

Alexandria Thomas
12 months ago

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