Recipe that cures Alzheimer completely?


Is there a "super coffee" recipe that cures Alzheimer completely?

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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
30 days ago

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I have never heard about it. Coffee is useful to some extent but what is "Supper Coffee"?

Wasim Safdar
30 days ago

No, I don't think so. Cafine and cure for dimentia, strange.

30 days ago

REaalu, very strange. Never heard or read other than now.

Ali Qudrat
30 days ago
Maybe it is not that strange unless some scientific evidence is for for or against. - Hassan 29 days ago
Maybe somday we hear the news about from China, the learder in herbal medicine in the world. - Ali 25 days ago

In China, they are expert in herbal medicine but I have not come accross this effect of coffee yet.

Bo Chen
29 days ago
Is there a website or online source where one can see this information? - Hassan 24 days ago

I've never read or heard about a "super coffee" curing Alzheimer's. I've always read about the lifestyle changes that one should take including: healthy diets, working out, being outdoors, reading, social connections, meditation and mindfulness, certain herbs, Ayurvedic medicine, etc. While coffee improves memory and cognition, I've read that it may delay or enhance the affects or Alzheimer's. Having seen some of my aunts and uncles crippled by Alzheimer's, I'm adapting the broad lifestyle changes above and I'm including coffee, aspirin and apples just to cover my bases.

Vic Clesceri
24 days ago

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