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When a court case is settled out-of-court, who pays the court fees?

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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
6 months ago

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I think no one pays.

Bo Chen
6 months ago

Every country's court system is different. Maybe they both pay, 50-50, just a guess.

Imane B
6 months ago
Which country has the case of payment and 50-50%? - Wasim 6 months ago
Sorry, I am not awar of it, just a thought. - Imane 6 months ago
I think no one pays anywhere. As out of course settlements are encouraged, so should not be penalized. These settlements save time and money for all parties. - Wasim 6 months ago
Wasim Safdar, can you give an example of country where no one pays other than the US? - Imane 6 months ago

No one pays, as both agree, so no case is on the record.

Wasim Safdar
6 months ago

I belive no one pays in North American courts. I am not sure aboiut courts in other places.

Ali Qudrat
6 months ago
In China, no one knows who will pay how much in such a case. - Wasim 6 months ago
I know, Chinese courst will rarely allow such a sttlement in the first place. - Bo 6 months ago
Wasim Safdar and Bo Chen, thanks. Mayne each country deals with differently. The implication is for the global business firms. For instnace, tech giants are everywhere and law suites do chase then. - Ali 5 months ago
Bo Chen, is there a law or case that is available at the internet? - Wasim 5 months ago

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