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Self-driving cars is just a fad?

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Self-Driving Cars
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
13 months ago

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I don't believe it's a fad, but it will take time and companies/institutes who pursue it need to exploit the best technologies possible, i.e. active range-sensing/LIDAR rather than just passive (stereo) methods, while also furthering the computer vision techniques needed. It's tempting for companies like Tesla to decide that LIDAR is too expensive and that they can get by with software and a pair of cameras, but the laser impinging on the scene obviates difficult/slow correspondence problems that are onerous for computers to solve.

Meanwhile, deep learning has to emphasize object recognition based on 3D point clouds (PointNet-style) much more as opposed to just 2D image processing, to which the bulk of research on DL applies currently.

Finally, I also think that these companies and institutes need to accelerate testing of their autonomous navigation algorithms based on traffic simulation (SUMO-style), which makes it possible to validate autonomous nav algos faster than real time as well as on a massively parallel scale.

Michel Audette
13 months ago

Given the development in artificial intelligence and robotics technology, I don't think autonomous vehicles will be a fad at all.

Ali Qudrat
13 months ago

With so many big comanies and big investments in this setor, I am confident that self-driven cars will not be a fad but a growth industry.

Bo Chen
13 months ago
Bo Chen and Ali Qudrat,, thnaks for yoru perspective. Let us hope it is not a fad. - Hassan 12 months ago
Well, i find this as an interesting read that addresses this issue: - Bo 12 months ago

No, whilst it may take a few decades more to mature before they even start to be more prevailent, once they do, it will be an exponential rise from there in my opinion. I think we will first see them in places inner city driving with companies like Uber / Lyft using them to reduce costs and increase efficiencies. Maybe even previous Uber drivers will buy one and lease them to such companies to continue making a massive income like they did in the past, the only difference being they no longer have to sit in the car all day long to do that. Win win. Once this becomes more accepted other areas will start to emerge too such as long distance trucking which once again is way more efficient to do this with automation. Someone like Tesla is primed to take over this market and is already researching into it from what I have seen in their public announcements. This will all lead to a generation who grew up with self driving cars who will laugh at the fact humans had to manually do things in the past to get from A to B. Much like how kids these days dont understand how I grew up without a smartphone to ask a question and get an answer immediately from Google Assistant. This may take a generation or two to mature, but when it does, life as we know it will be changed and it will be here to stay.

Jason Mayes
13 months ago

I like it is very much. I think this will become a sound reality in the near future. Self-driving cars mean no or almost no level of "road rage", an ugly reality of cars with some drivers of kind.

Imane B
13 months ago

I have several years of experience with automotive industry. I can attest to you that even a small new feature like 360 Camera was a great sell and buy for the clients/users of cars. Self-driven cars will take over the others in less than five years, in my view.

Wasim Safdar
13 months ago
@jason, Imane BOUKHATEM, and Wasim Safdar, thank you for your thoughts. Only time will tell if this is fad or a reality. There are examples of technologies on both sides. - Hassan 12 months ago
Wasim Safdar and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, I am opimistic and would like to say that it is not going be a fad but a reality. - Tahir 12 months ago
Tahir Iqbal, and Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, what are the key reasons for you to be that optimistic? Technology has both sides, success and failures. It depends on several unknown. How do we know a new kind of fuel like Hydrogen may become mainstream or not? Economics of people is a very dynamic thing. Regulations in each country are different. - Ali 12 months ago
Ali Qudrat, Well, for me, the big investments by big ccomnaies and investors across the globe act like a vote of cofidence in self-driven car industry. - Tahir - Tahir 12 months ago

When the pro-environment movement is on the rise, more and more green technologies will be developed. If self-driving cars also run on non-fossil fuel, it is going to be a hit trend.

Tahir Iqbal
12 months ago
Tahir Iqbal, But no certainty about the alternate fuels, right? - Ali 22 hours ago delete - Ali 12 months ago
Regadrless of any alternate, Ali Qudrat, we know that pro-environmental movement is on the go. As Hassan Qudrat-Ullah and Jason Mayes has said, only a good future holds if there is big uptake by several countries. - Tahir 12 months ago
Tahir Iqbal How will oil-producing countries like this at all? Unless, a better alternative for their resource, oil, is there, they will not ditch it in favor of self-driven car. So, I will tend to say to Hassan Qudrat-Ullah, yes this will be a fad. - Imane 12 months ago

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