Health Hazards for Public Works Professionals


What are the health risks for public works professionals given that they work with loud, heavy equipment that exerts diesel fumes, and much of the equipment is old?

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Jane Cavalier
13 months ago

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There have just been two railway workers killed in the UK and they were wearing ear defenders while working on the track and didn't hear the train that was coming.

Risk assessments should identify health hazards and unsafe equipment shouldn't be used.

Nothing we do is worth getting killed for.

David Cottrell
13 months ago
Thanks David. They also breath diesel fumes and often work in small cabs on big machines which end up giving them various health issues. Thanks for sharing the UK story. - Jane 13 months ago
Jane Cavalier but isn't it the same for all of us? Walk or drive regularly through a city and the exposure to pollution is extreme. - David 13 months ago

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