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KLM just launched a unique approach to encouraging responsible and sustainable decisions from consumers around air travel. KLM is asking consumers to consider alternative transportation for short flights to be environmentally-friendly. Electrification of the ground transport at Amsterdam Schiphol is among the focus areas of the plan too.
Do you think this plan will be successful? Will people accept the proposed soultions?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
11 months ago

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I saw this. Better to get 'ahead of the curve' and avoid any backlash towards airlines. Corporate Social Responsibility really has to mean something nowadays.

David Cottrell
11 months ago
Agree David Cottrell, Corporate Social Responsability is a crucial part of the business nowadays. Companies can't ignore it. - Paolo 11 months ago
Depends what you mean by successful. I doubt many people will go by train instead (i.e. it won;t be successful in driving people away from flying) but if a few do then that's better than any other airline has acheived. Ultimately the airline industry is going to be one of the biggest problems for reducing emission to zero and is currently in the 'too difficult' box for most Govts. - Dr Nick 10 months ago
France and Germany are considering to add new taxes on short flights. This could push people to look for different solutions. - Paolo 10 months ago
One the one hand 'Good for KLM for doing this'. On the other, it's a drop in the ocean and nowhere near going to solve the climate catastrophe that's heading our way. The airlines (and the Govts. that regulate them) need to start taking climate change seriously and fast. - Dr Nick 10 months ago

I think this an excellent initiative. KLM could use electric aeroplanes for short-haul ( or hydrogen powered aircraft ( as well as electrifying ground transportation.

Tessa Younger
10 months ago
KLM has teamed with the Delft Universutyas well to create the Flying-V aircraft concept, which is designed to consume 20 per cent less fuel than Airbus' A350 (source - Paolo 10 months ago

Time and cost are constantly the key decision points. Environmental and sustainability issues are secondary. Performance punishment, i.e. doing "the right thing" comes at a cost to the consumer, is not a motivator.

Rod Satre
11 months ago
yes time and cost are the keys however companies now have to find a way to handle these and support the environment to be considered "friendly" from consumers. Environmental and sustainability issues are no longer secondary now to me. - Paolo 11 months ago
Environmental and sustainability decisions, if paramount, would play out with the elimination of single use plastic bottled beverages of any kind, Abandonment of single rider cutomobile use, and elimination of prepacked fresh produce. I'm afraid that convenience choices by most citizens (at least in USA) are trumping environmental drivers. - Rod 11 months ago
Agree with your points @Rod, thanks for sharing these - Paolo 11 months ago

I believe there is a legitimate chance for this. The Netherlands continues to lead the world in sustainability efforts. Sustainability is part of school curriculums and citizens have embraced sustainability efforts since the 1980s. So, consumer disposition towards these solutions seems likely. Additional rationale to support my opinion includes:

  • KLM is consistently ranked #1 or #2 for the last fourteen years in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI). They are lading the airline industry in reducing CO2 footprint and consistently find ways to deliver their sustainability goals.
  • KLM is part of twenty organizations across the industry that produces a report to the Dutch Minister of Infrastructure. One of the solutions to achieve reduce CO2 includes a push by industry to encourage travelers to use international train service to destinations within 700 kilometers. Money is being invested in faster trains and Schiphol will act as a multimodal hub for air-rail.
  • A multi industry led advocacy group MVO Nederland will continue to reinforce the sustainability, working with and already active civil society and business friendly governments supporting sustainability.
  • Large Dutch companies will look to implement these solutions with their business travelers. Companies like Philips, Unilever, AkzoNobel, DSM and PostNL are also focused on sustainability and compete for rankings on the DJSI.

KLM's 2018 annual report can be found here:

Vic Clesceri
10 months ago

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