What will be perfect out-of-office email !


In a world where we are always on our phones, has the OOO message become redundant?, Because knowing, unknowingly we are always checking our emails which means setting OOO is no more of any use or, are we hopelessly addicted to our devices and have forgotten how to separate work and life. According to one survey, 64% of British workers read and send emails during their vacations, and it will be worse for China or India, because they are always on phone.
So, what will be your perfect OOO pitch, let's explore?

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Masarrat A Shah
11 months ago

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Clearly state the dates that you are out of the office and not reading email, if you are reading it sporadically, there is not really a reason for an out of office email. Our emails are overflowing with information and if you are going to respond, there is no reason to say that it may be in a day as that can be a reasonable amount of time for a response.
When you do use this, include a valuable tip in your out of office email, not a selling point though. Something that will help the reader without a catch.

Patty Soltis MBA
11 months ago
Patty correct one should clearly mention OOO which will help reader not to respond back, plus it will be good to have backup contact. - Masarrat A 11 months ago

Your message will be deemed to be spam and automatically deleted until my return on...

David Cottrell
11 months ago
David nice one :). - Masarrat A 11 months ago
Your message will be deemed to be spam and automatically deleted until my return on... - David 11 months ago

I always give specific dates and then note when I am set to return. If it's pertinent, I will also include a download or clickthrough so I can still be effective, even if I am out of the office.

Hello There,

Thank you for your email, I will be out of the office [StartDate] to [EndDate] at the [Whatever] Conference in Austin TX

Please expect a delay in responses, but I will get back to you as soon as possible. I'll be available on [ReturnDate] after 8 AM Central. 

If you have any urgent marketing or event needs, please contact [BossName] at

Thank you and have a great day!


Troy Vera

Troy Vera
11 months ago
Troy nice, yes we should have backup plan and clear dates, - Masarrat A 11 months ago

I am on leave. Can be reached <here> if needed.

Khalid Raza
11 months ago
Khalid, when we say :if needed", then people tend to reach you any how because we kept slight room open. - Masarrat A 11 months ago

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