Business as usual or regenerative business?


There seems to be a strong inertia in industrial mindset, fiat currency value, shareholder satisfaction only, that might destroy enormous value not just backfiring with losing economic value, but also harming people and the planet. What's your position on this? Should businesses focus just on financial and economics?

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Fabian Szulanski
11 months ago

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Dear, Fabian Szulanski, thank you for this interesting and a relevant question. To be, businesses should follow Stakeholder model: create value for shareholders as well as other stakeholder. In case, they focus too much or only on profitability, things like Brexit are only start, in my view.

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
11 months ago
Indeed, Rather than shareholder economic value, one should strive for multidimensional value network delight - Fabian 11 months ago

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