How would you catalyze an organizational paradigm shift?


We can find myriads of examples of policy resistance against innovation and other change initiatives. Same with human centered design, which finally ends in being surrogate to the business. I assume that the main driver for this value destruction is the embodiment of a fear based paradigm in organizations - amd in society as well, I might say.
How would you think of ways of nudging organizations so that it might catalyze a hope and love based paradigm?

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Fabian Szulanski
14 months ago

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I am not sure if I understand your question correctly. Nevertheless, I would suggest that to catalyze any paradigm shift, one has to show how new paradigm will be better else why to change. Yes, hope is is great thing but one has to prepared to have hope, I guess. Actions make one more hopeful than those are inactive in organizations.

Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
14 months ago

Build a core team of fellow believers and let them preach the gospel to the rest of the business.

David Cottrell
14 months ago
It's enough for the diffusion alone for leveraging the shift? - Fabian 14 months ago
The lever starts things moving. Hopefully momentum builds. - David 14 months ago
How about enacting new paradigm related behavior to leverage - Fabian 14 months ago
  1. Develop a new mission and vision [new paradigm].
  2. Show the gaps of current state to the new mission and vision.
    1. This includes people [talent and capabilities], partnerships, platforms [strategies], processes, programs [tactics] and performance [execution and expected results] - my 6Ps.
  3. Identify the steps, business processes and timeline to move the organization towards the new paradigm.
  4. Create scorecards, track performance and communicate.

This is exactly what I did four years ago to move a 110 year old privately owned, regional dairy to a national small food niche private label and contract manufacturing business.

Vic Clesceri
13 months ago
Great example. However, what were the catalytic trimtabs you used at that time? - Fabian 13 months ago
Define trimtabs. Are you referring to reasons needed for the paradigm shift? - Vic 13 months ago
Read this piece by Buckminster Fuller - Fabian 13 months ago
1. Conventional dairy declining single digits for more than seven years – pivot [trimtab] to non-dairy based products. 2. Highly capitalized asset base focusing on shrinking independent retail channel – pivot into national accounts and distributors. 3. Commodity-based categories with low margin – pivot to pioneering innovation in private label for relevancy and profit. - Vic 13 months ago
Well, trimtabs are what catalyzes, or nudge the pivots. In order to catalyze a transformation, you need to curate the conditions conducive to the pivots. Did you have thqt approach at that time? - Fabian 13 months ago
No. Financial, consumer and business analytics supported the business case and paradigm shift. Multiple year CAGR growth in volume, EBITDA and market share and the effective execution of strategy delivered the ROI. Theory and application need to be balanced.. - Vic 13 months ago

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