Obesity in the Market Place


Is keeping America Heavy a value to the Market Place?
Thoughts? Will this trend change or just create more focus towards obesity.

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Matthew Kessler
16 months ago

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Obesity in on the inflammation autoimmune spectrum. There are 3 causes of all chronic conditions: nutritional deficiencies, toxins, & low-grade infections. In the case of obesity, all 3 can be at play in the individual. Obesity is usually not alone as a symptom. Many also have other chronic conditions along with it such as diabetes/blood sugar issues, heart disease, high blood pressure, & so on.

In the marketplace perspective, many benefit from keeping us sick & fat. The stats on the increasing problem into the future is staggering. Primarily obvious is the pharmaceutical industry & its link to the healthcare industry with constantly increasing doctor visits & meds being pushed on with no real root cause resolution just management with increasing problems requiring more & more interventions & more cost to population's income stressing population & insurance industry costs. You can link so much of this back to our toxic environment, food production, lack of nutritional education & the old paradigm food pyramid, & more.

This is all reversible - to improve the quality of life for the population, but are the other linked industries ready to lose profits by us becoming healthier. If people addressed the underlying root causes, doctor visits would go down, pharmaceutical use would go down, many processed/toxic food companies would disappear, big Ag would have to shift its practices, health insurance costs would (hopefully) go down, we would live longer, more active lives (think social security & medicare impacts),...

Jacquie Walburn
16 months ago
Jacquie, wonderful response thank you. You brought up my thoughts in such a defined way. I was curious to others thoughts on the subject. - Matthew 16 months ago

Back in September 2016, Grand View Research conducted an industry analysis titled "Obesity Treatment Devices and Therapeutics Market". Grand View projects the Obesity Treatment Market to reach $15.6 billion by 2024 worldwide.

Vic Clesceri
16 months ago
wow, interesting... It was a thought that entered my mind thinking about the extremems of the industries. Some elements of the markets space to keep up in shape others to not. Either way I think both benefit from the "growth" of the population. - Matthew 16 months ago

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