Russia’s Central Bank Is Considering Launching a Digital Currency


Not a recent news however it is relaunched now by the head of Russian's central bank,
What do you think about this considering that at the same time Facebook is launching its own crypto currency?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
11 months ago

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Face book is opening block chain platform of organizations to be founding members of the Libra organization, who are trying to create an open financial network accessible to people.

Jatindranath Das
11 months ago

The important question is, will people trust this currency. Also interesting, will it be pushed by governance, for example to obliged to use for governmental processes.

Patrick Henz
11 months ago
Face book and founding members of the Libra organization, including Visa and MasterCard, Uber and Lyft, eBay, and Spotify and non-profit organizations like Kiva and Mercy Corps which non-profit groups reflect one of Face book’s selling points for Libra who are trying to open block chain platform to create an financial network which will be accessible to people which may result to trust - Jatindranath 11 months ago
If opened, I think this will be hardly pushed by governance - Paolo 11 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti , speaking about the Russian example, the government may decide that online services for governmental processes could be only paid by this new currency. - Patrick 11 months ago
yes Patrick Henz that could be the case - Paolo 11 months ago

I stay with currencies I know and banks I have some trust in. 'Russian Cryptocurrencies' sounds like a high risk option!

David Cottrell
11 months ago
yes it is and I am still not sure they will set it and who has access to it - Paolo 11 months ago

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