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What is the best single advice you would like to pass on to new graduating class, regardless of their majors?

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Hassan Qudrat-Ullah
32 months ago

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Aim high. Aiming low are hitting that target is undervaluing yourselves.

David Cottrell
32 months ago
I could not agree more with you, David. Much appreciated, - Hassan 31 months ago

Find a mentor.
Identify someone that you admire, someone that has achieved extraordinary goals that you aspire to, but also someone with integrity that values people and invest in humanity.
Having the right mentor is like a bridge over troubled water, a lighthouse on the dark horizon, an unspent penny in your pocket, cotton on a sore bruise and word of bravery when facing your giants.
A mentor's wisdom will empower, encourage and embrace your soul.

31 months ago
Someone in your team or in a different one? - Paolo 31 months ago
Would you like to share your own mentoring experience here, DIRK JONKER? - Hassan 31 months ago
Normally someone from outside Paolo, however, it does not exclude someone from your own team if that person is your ideal mentor,. - DIRK 31 months ago
I have had a mentor since 2003 which has been instrumental in my career as entrepreneur. He has extensive experience in banking and IT and I have learned numerous invaluable lesson with regards to business strategies and risk management from him - DIRK 31 months ago

Don't worry much about future. Try live the present and you will be fine.

Imane B
30 months ago
Well said, too many people spend too much time and energy on just planning but not on living with what they have - Ali 30 months ago

Today, you have successfully graduated or will be graduating soon, entering into a new phase of life. You all must e filled with anxiety, apprehension and even fear of what future holds for you in store. Nothing new, every body goes through this and so are you.
You are currently at a greater advantage, having the liberty of trying multiple options and figuring out which is best alternative for you. You need to be little risk taker by exploring newer avenues, the traditional ones as well as the lesser known ones.
This is the right time, to realize that winning is not always important. More important question should be what did you learn.
Those with bigger plans have a bigger hurdle to face. Living upto the expectations of others. Society is general wants you to do what they think is best, which usually means avoiding big risks. But, what you need to recognize is that now is the time when you can afford to take those risks.
No matter what you do, always believe in your self and take the jump. 

Dr. Sriram Seshadri
32 months ago
Excellent pint! Thanks, dear Sriram. - Hassan 31 months ago
I agree, the last point, "alwasys believe in yourself". is a great advice. - Ali 30 months ago

Choose your preferred area, start easy but be motivated and aim high as mentioned by David Cottrell, very high!

Paolo Beffagnotti
31 months ago
Well said, dear Paolo. - Hassan 31 months ago
Yes, starting easy and then building on it is a good strategy for taking on difficult tasks ahead. But if you are stuck at the beginning beasue you ventured into a difficult task, you will hardly remain motivated for the next task. Success breeds success, they say. - Imane 30 months ago

Congratulations! You're now entering a new stage of your life. Be authentic, kind, and walk the talk, by aligning your values with your beliefs, thoughts, expressions and actions. Just follow this simple advise and you'll thrive as professionals. Good luck in your endeavors.

Fabian Szulanski
31 months ago
Thanks, David Cottrell, Dr. Sriram Seshadri, Paolo Beffagnotti, and Fabian Szulanski for excellent and insightful narratives. - Hassan 31 months ago
I agree that being authentic is the way to succeed even when odds are against you. - Ali 30 months ago

Many many congratulations !!

some points i need to discuss with you guys like

  • Life, fortune and mishaps are unpredictable, nobody knows what will happen.
  • Do not bear grudge towards those who are not good to you. No one has the responsibility of treating you well, except your family.
  • Life is short. So plan accordingly.
  • Love is nothing but a transient feeling, and this feeling would fade with time and with one's mood. If your so called loved one leaves you, be patient, time will wash away your aches and sadness.
  • A lot of successful people did not receive a good education, that does not mean that you can be successful by not studying hard! Whatever knowledge you gain is your weapon in life.
  • It is the right time to understand studying is different from learning.
  • Don't be sad or panic if you won't get job in starting of your carrier ,don't see others just see inside you and promise yourself to try harder next time.

All the very best for you upcoming journey.

Thank You

Fact DNA
31 months ago
Thanks, dear Fact DNA, well said. If I have to pick only one advice, from your very noble list what would recommend and why? - Hassan 31 months ago
Hassan Qudrat-Ullah I would suggest 'Life, fortune and mishaps are unpredictable, nobody knows what will happen.'. Because you know the meaning of life ,so don't be sad you loose.Just learn from past,wake up and go forward. - Fact 31 months ago
Thank you, dear Fact DNA. I have noted it with pleasure. - Hassan 31 months ago
I will not advise them too mcuh on planning but living on wht you have now. - Ali 30 months ago
i am agree with you.But life without planning is also not good ,Planning should be there whether it happened as per you scheduled or not. - Fact 28 months ago

Don't be resistant to doing the "dirty hands" or non-glory work, it gives someone an appreciation and understanding of the process when they get to be leaders. I have worked in a variety of production houses for printing, signs, silkscreen, and more. When I have the large budget and short time, I know exactly how to prepare files and artwork that respects the production staff, and my leaders by doing the most efficient job the right way the first time.

There's always someone to learn from, even if they are not driving a Maybach. Aspire to succeed in your career, and strike a balance of accomplishments and kindness. Try to give just as much as you make in "the intangibles" by volunteering, mentoring and providing guidance to others just like you were at one time.

When all else fails, stop, ask, be honest and humble, and make those around you better.

Troy Vera
31 months ago
Thanks for the excellent advice, dearTroy Vera. Yes, if we could make the life of even one person around us better, we are successful and worthy of celebration. - Hassan 31 months ago
Well, "dirty hands" have to to be cherished. It sets you on track for doing things rather just keep thinking. - Ali 30 months ago
Thank you Hassan Qudrat-Ullah fro this great question. I agree with Ali Qudrat and Troy Vera that real life needs actions especially when we fail. - Bo 29 months ago

Don't be afraid to fail. You will. Learn from failures. Make sure that whenever you do fail, you’re failing forward.

Vic Clesceri
31 months ago

Do not afraid to take risk and you will fine. Keep lerning and expermenting.

Ali Qudrat
31 months ago
The same advice was given to me at my gradution. I think it was typo, rist, you mean risk? - Imane 30 months ago
Totally agree Ali Qudrat. The BIG things that can have the most payout and/or fulfillment often are risky. If you "guess wrong" and it doesn't work out... it's call EXPERIENCE. - Rick J. 29 months ago

Just be your self and always try to learn, you will be successful.

Bo Chen
31 months ago

You started this journey with doubts and worries. People around you told you that it is so hard to graduate and several classmates of you have actually dropped our during this four year of a special time in your life. It is a special time because you are now a different person than the person you were at the entry into your janitor. Well, you have done it now. The lesson is that no matter how hard the real-world task would be, you will do it. Just remember, you will do it.

Wasim Safdar
30 months ago
I agree that success leads to more success. - Imane 30 months ago
Not always, dearImane BOUKHATEM. I think. Sometimes it badly hurts any innovation or a new process or new techniques in a firm just because the firm has been successful in doing what they are doing. It would be very hard to change them, even for the better. - Wasim 30 months ago
Agreed Wasim Safdar. In fact, we have seen its ills in recent history already. - Ali 30 months ago

Don't be too picky. Be prepared to be open to any job. Sometimes advancement means you start a few steps back. Show employers you are motivated to join their company and team... and not just for a specific job or salary. Once you do that job well... they will see you have more value and better use to their operation... and that's how you advance. I always tell those I mentor "If I give you a job you don't really want (but one that is vital to our operation) and you do it AMAZINGLY WELL.... Imagine when I give you a job you DO want... how you will perform!

Rick J. LoCastro
30 months ago
Thank you, Rick J. LoCastro for excellent advice. - Hassan 29 months ago
I appreciate the shout-out Hassan Qudrat-Ullah! - Rick J. 29 months ago
I hope together with Hassan Qudrat-Ullah's agreement, we can use these tips when needed? - Ali 28 months ago

Well, you have achieved something that you should be proud off. But wait a minute! Life is much more hadrer as well as easier, do seek balance and be open to your mistakes.

Tahir Iqbal
30 months ago
Well said, Tahir Iqbal, seeking balalnce is a a challenge though. - Hassan 29 months ago
Again I am thankful to all, especillay Hassan Qudrat-Ullah for asking this great question. I have comlied these words of wisdoms and will use it when ever I will have the opportunity. - Bo 29 months ago

Its delightful to be part of the 24X7 competitive world as it keeps us all working earnestly towards becoming better with more opportunities to excel for everyone...remote and offline opportunities. the world of opportunities is evolving and so are opportunities to grow and more and more small businesses enter the business world with disruptive ideas, there are that many exciting opportunities...however as the adage goes, its survival of the smartest and fittest and not just we all need to jog at 3 levels to be successful and stay successful:

  1. Jog your mind - read voraciously
  2. Jog your body - exercise regularly for a fit , disease free and more agile/happy mind and attractive body
  3. Jog your soul- pray and meditate to calm the storms within and to connect to powerful enabling+ve energies of the universe as there is only one global CEO for us all humans...He is God Almighty and praying/meditating is the best way to connect to his energies/enabling power

Last but not the least...practice agility, ability, velocity and spirituality with empathy & sincerity to reach your dream destination...and well...stay there all life long:)

Anshumali Saxena
29 months ago
Anshumali Saxena (, well said. - Hassan 29 months ago
Thank you for your valuable appreciation, I work as a college students and entrepreneurship aspirants'' mentor and life transformation trainer since last 15 years (of my 25 yeas of global marketing-consulting experience. Keen to help your esteemed college & its students as counsellor-mentor & better-living-thriving specialist. Kindly accept my Linkedin connect request & lets work together soon. - Anshumali 29 months ago

Dream big till you find your true potential- Never give up!!

Anu Rathninde
29 months ago
Well said, Anu Rathninde. What was the most memorable advice given to you at yoru own graduation, if you remember? - Ali 29 months ago
Ali Qudrat I think the best advise I remember from all my graduations is that live our core values - always and never lower the bar.. - Anu 29 months ago
Thank you Ali Qudrat and Anu Rathninde for an interesting dialogue. Keep it up.. - Hassan 29 months ago

In your new very unpredictable life the best advice is never and I mean never be afraid to ask for help.

Nigel Owen
30 months ago
What an excellent advice is this, it works, always. - Imane 30 months ago
Being a graduate on a field doesn't mean you have to work on it. College helps in acquiring skills that help in developing solutions for everyday life. Keep free diversity is good. - Imane 30 months ago
Life is a permanent learning process. - Imane 30 months ago
Well said, Imane BOUKHATEM. - Ali 30 months ago

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