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Do you think that LinkedIn has changed the Job Posting and Job Searching Market ? With a social profile and skill matrix LinkedIn is becoming popular for Job applications. Its not only a social network site anymore.

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Hitesh Mathpal
28 months ago

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absolutely. All recruiting is on an equal playing field now. All potential candidates are on linked in. No need to hire a headhunter; just get an upgraded membership to linked in and message people about jobs

Ellen Raim
28 months ago
Thanks Ellen. What is your take on its Social networking aspect ? Is it becoming more Job portal than a social site ? - Hitesh 28 months ago

While seeking new opportunities for myself or looking to add to my teams I start with LinkedIn. The evolution of LinkedIn has provided a forum for not only professional networking but skills development, recognition for accomplishments within LI learning,
I do not think that in all cases LI can replace talent acquisition professionals. It CAN enhance and speed up those professional's work product.
I believe LI has managed their brand and is cultivating what appears to be a natural progression into a job portal based on the millions of professional profiles they host. That data has value and as a corporation they are extracting value by connecting professionals with opportunities. I feel LI has avoided becoming a "Monster" or "Career Builder" type of job board by continuing to provide content, learning and the power of connecting with others.

Oren Birks, MBA
28 months ago

Linked In has become the go-to place for recruitment and market research. Why start anywhere else?

David Cottrell
28 months ago

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