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In the last 5-7 years, MOOCs have gone mainstream. Students gain valuable knowledge taking courses online from well respected professors at a fraction of the cost. Courses, certificates, specializations, and degrees are now offered via MOOCs. Coursera was developed by Stanford and has over 33 million users. The edX platform was developed in partnership by Harvard and MIT and has over 14 million users. What are the pros and cons of MOOCs?

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Vic Clesceri
18 months ago

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Biggest challenge in a MOOC is completion rate which is extremely low on all platforms. Be is Coursera or edX like free platforms or Udacity and Udemy kind of paid platforms. Typically very few [less than 5-10%] participants complete the course. That's still a reason why brick and mortar institutions and training centers are still alive. The biggest advantage of MOOC is content. One of the best possible content for any topic is available through MOOC.

Manoj Dawarwadikar
18 months ago
Thanks Manoj. I'm a huge fan of Coursera. I've piloted courses in Coursera and completed a few certificates and specializations. I've incorporated MOOCs into the individual development plans (IDPs) of my associates. There has been a huge ROI for my team in gaining valuable skills at an affordable price. LinkedIn Learning and Udemy are other platforms my team is using. - Vic 18 months ago

The value of a small group of learners, an experienced trainer and a willingness to discuss openly is so valuable. Often 'magic' happens. This is impossible via MOOC.

David Cottrell
18 months ago
Yes, there is much to be gained in open dialogue and discussion. However, if a learner is "intrapersonal" and has a linguistic and/or visual/spatial learning style, then MOOCs are effective for that learner. There is plenty of scholarly and academic research showing effectiveness of MOOCs and online learning, especially for lower levels of the cognitive domain - knowledge and comprehension. - Vic 18 months ago
Vic Clesceri Agreed. I think we have to think in terms of 'blended learning'. AI is increasingly playing a part in supporting learning. - David 18 months ago

The core value to the MOOC is to expand your knowledge in any easy accessed venue. I feel it gives you a good basis of knowledge to develop the interest you may have in your current venture or future. Its a fast and effective way to develop knowledge without a big price tag.

Matthew Kessler
18 months ago

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