What's the most irrelevant thing you've ever seen on a résumé?


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Khalid Raza
28 months ago

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"References available on request"
Candidates waste space on their CVs and recruiters waste time with references. HR research1 concludes that reference checks have the lowest correlation with subsequent performance (.26 on a 0-1 scale). Work samples, cognitive ability tests and structured interviews have the highest validity coefficients.
Candidates should equip their resumes/CVs with examples of executing skills that delivered measurable results.
1Source: Ryan & Tippins, "Attracting and Selecting: What Psychological Research Tells Us.", Human Resource Management, Wiley, 2002, Vol. 43.

Vic Clesceri
28 months ago

not exactly the answer I think you are looking for but i hate when people send resumes that look like infographics or have lots of unnecessary and distracting fonts/colors/shapes etc. Your skills and experience should speak for themselves.

Ellen Raim
28 months ago
I have seen Passport Numbers, PAN Numbers, Awards won in school etc - Khalid 28 months ago

The most irrelevant thing i have always noticed is "Career Objective" Its there mostly in resumes of fresh graduates or 1-2 years of experience but hardly anyone ever write it in understandable manner. Keeping a opening line on your resume which will look like copy-paste really piss-off anyone reading that resume. I seen most absurd language in the Career objective sections of resume.

Manoj Dawarwadikar
28 months ago
ha ha... you bet Manoj Dawarwadikar - Khalid 28 months ago

I have reviewed thousands of resumes and occasionally one comes across with an entire section, replete with bold and underline to signify the new heading, to discuss their completely unrelated hobby,
I can understand if someone were to include a hobby if it is directly related to the position, industry or field in which they are applying. I would want to see Amateur Drone Racing League organizer and competitor if I am seeking a skilled drone operator for camera work. I would not want to see a hobby of ornithology on a resume applying for a role as Systems Engineer. Use that space to express your potential value to the company, or your ongoing professional development efforts. Should we end up meeting for an interview and you feel it is appropriate to discuss the silver throated swallow that perched on the window sill please do, but putting in on a resume is wasting valuable page space. In my opinion.

Oren Birks, MBA
28 months ago
May be the candidate wants the interviewer see more than academic and professional reach? Oren Birks, MBA - Khalid 28 months ago
Khalid- there is a time and a place for expressing personal interests. Resume space is not that place. With limited page space one get much greater return per line used with skills, academic achievement, professional awards, patents or trademarks awarded, relevant experience. Once you are past the screeners and connecting with the interviewer feel free to add to the picture. - Oren 28 months ago

Good question, and when I see some irrelevant things, it makes me think about the personality of the candidate. The areas which I feel are irrelevant on resume are :
Hobbies, Personal Interests, Lengthy sentences, Grammatical mistakes.
People need to keep their CV's short and precise.

Masarrat A Shah
27 months ago

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