Marketing Nightmare, Turning it Into a Dream! Yay!


First off, everyone is awesome!!!!!!!! I am so thrilled to be amongst like-mined professionals.
So, here is my question. Keep in mind I have done most everything by myself. I need a capable, competent, communicative marketer for my start up. One that is willing to partner and become part of the team. They have to be willing to work across different industries. Where do I find them? Some places you may mention I may have already gone and traveled there. For example, Angel's list, been there been doing it. Feel free to send me a direct message here on currnt.
Thank you so much!!! I am in the business of creating value every minute of everyday!!!!
Let's Goooooooooooooooooooooo!!!

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3 months ago

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NIKI BELL I always start with Linked In when looking for people, skills, companies. I can engage with them in a professional environment and start to see if there is a good fit between us.

Good luck

David Cottrell
3 months ago

I agree with David concerning LinkedIn. You can also "test drive" potential candidates via Upwork, Fiverr and MicroMentor.

Vic Clesceri
3 months ago

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