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Climate change based on the Intergovernmental the Panel on Climate Change (IPCC),is a reallity. All nations should work on reducing carbon emissions from industrialization and protecting natural resources. How do you thing technology role will be in the global effort to limit warming and reduce the impacts of climate change?

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María F Lara
12 months ago

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I think we will do our best to provide new technology fixes (chemicals on the sea, giant mirrors in space to shield the planet etc). However, whatever new technology we implement will always have some unexpected consequences that will require yet a further new technology to fix. 'The Technology Spiral'

The last time the earth had similar levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, sea levels were about 7m above what they are today (about 20 feet). I am fully supportive of Patrick's view - a behavioral change. I just do not know what it will take to change our behaviors.

Glenn Frommer
12 months ago
Glenn Frommer Whenever we try to interfere with the planet we usually end up making matters worse. - David 12 months ago
It is not only reduction and adaptation. We need to restore the balance to pre-industrial revolution levels of CO2 in the atmosphere to 200 - 300 ppm from 400+ today. . How? - Glenn 12 months ago

The UK Government has calculated that to become carbon zero by 2050 will cost £1 trillion. It's critical that we do this but it would require the most fundamental change in the way we live our lives. I'm just not sure where the momentum will come to make things happen.

David Cottrell
12 months ago

Technology is critically important. One of the bright spots in addressing climate change is that we are seeing new technologies emerging far faster than expected. In many areas, the speed of innovation is exponential.

Unfortunately, on the other side of the equation, human-induced climate change is also moving far faster and more extensively than expected. So technology alone will not solve the climate challenge, nor will the market.

Major societal change is essential to restructure human activity on to a genuinely sustainable basis - far more change than we are currently being told officially. My perspective on the issue summarised in the attachment. Also in a Policy Brief "Existential Climate-Related Security Risk - a scenario approach" at:

Ian Dunlop
12 months ago

Climate Change will require a combination of adequate usage of technology, but also change of behaviour.

Patrick Henz
12 months ago
Agree! but some times it seams to me more easy to create AI to help than make people behaviour to change....sad, but true in most cases.... - María F 12 months ago
María F Lara , thanks and agreed. AI can help with behaviour change, for example with intelligent nudging. A chance, but also a risk, as it may get used to manipulate the individuals. - Patrick 12 months ago

The rising temperature year by year is a strong indication of the 'Global Warming' and Climate Change. It is indeed paradoxical that the sole sink (Forest Cover) for Carbon Dioxide is diminishing and toxic pollutants are released into the atmosphere at a rapid pace. Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change was set up with all the sincerity BUT, the Governments do not seem serious on combating the growing temperature. Sooner or later, we are heading towards a major catastrophe. The only silver line in the entire game seems to be Bhutan which is a Carbon Neutral country. If only, the other Governments emulate this, the Universe will be a different place to live with.

Dr. A.K. Shyam
12 months ago
I agree, but do we have hope in AI to help solving this problem? - María F 12 months ago
I do endorse your positivity Dr. Maria. We all love to return to a better tomorrow (at least the younger generation) and make this universe livable. The major obstacle that I sense is the "Attitude". The day this changes, we can be confident. - Dr. A.K. 12 months ago

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