Why Should we Hire You?


Typical closing question in an interview session, "Why should we hire you". So, when answering this question what should one keep in mind, what are the areas which should be focused on, rather than just fire an answer like "well, I am innovative, quick learner, team player etc".
What are your answer/s to this closing question, would love to hear lot of options and strategies in order to articulate this question.

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Masarrat A Shah
28 months ago

6 answers


I have embarrassing photographs of you and will post them on social media if you don't employ me!


Always start your answer with 'you' rather than 'I'. 'YOU' will be getting an enthusiastic worker that will help YOU and your team reach the targets You have set. This has much more impact that saying I this and I that.

David Cottrell
28 months ago
Yes, David "YOU" is good as we say don't say I say "WE". But mere Enthusiaistic and making team achieve targets, will that work? - Masarrat A 28 months ago
Hopefully we've done enough in the rest of the interview. This final question should be the icing on the cake. You have seen from my previous answers that WE could work successfully together.... - David 28 months ago
Yes, agree - Masarrat A 28 months ago

Hiring managers want to know two things:

  1. have you chosen their company because you researched it (maybe you have even researched the manager) and not that its just a generic job
  2. that you can solve their specific pain really understand why the job is open and what they need done and emphasize that in your answer
Ellen Raim
28 months ago
Ellen spot on, yes the main area, before appearing for an interview has the candidate done enough research and found if its really a fit area to be in and contribute as per the expertise and experience. - Masarrat A 28 months ago

Actually I think that I’ve never known how to answer this question. The point is to know well how is the company and the job you are applying for, there is not a single answer

Isabel Moreno Indias
28 months ago
Correct Isabel, there is not a single answer, however we need to explore this as it will help others who are in such situation. - Masarrat A 28 months ago

When counseling others on how to respond to a question like this, I always ask them to consider what others would say are their best traits and leverage those. It's difficult for some people to toot their own horn, but when the perspective is adjusted slightly, they are better able to describe themselves as others have or do.

Marcee Williams
28 months ago
Marcee, you are right it is some how tricky question, however, I think one should atleast try to know why the company is hiring for particluar position and what is the need. - Masarrat A 28 months ago

The interview should give you a chance to explain why you are the right hire, when this question arises be ready to inspire the interviewee with a sharp response. I am a true believer that passion and dedication will win every time. When answering the question "Why should we hire you?" First pause, take a breath and answer with "Because I never give up."


Grant Gooley
28 months ago
Grant, you are roght, candidate should not rush to the answer in that moment. As I said earlier candidate should know why is there and startegically answer. - Masarrat A 28 months ago

The ability of candidates to articulate a value proposition that meets the needs of the company, while at the same time, shows that candidates would fit within the organization's culture. If candidates have done their homework, they should know the mission/vision/values of the organization, and should glean insights from their questions to interviewers as to the key challenges that the company faces. Candidates should then draft their value proposition and communicate it concisely. Interviewers can quickly pick-up on the authenticity, relevancy and efficacy of the response.

Vic Clesceri
28 months ago
Vic, thanks for your view. I totally agree with you that candidates need to do thorough research and strategise the answers and see why the company is hiring and the position which is been applied for. - Masarrat A 28 months ago

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