Amazon, Apple, Google and Facebook under US Government investigation


These companies could be under investigation due to the advantage of their massive market power.
Amazon and Facebook are under the watch of the Federal Trade Commission, Google and Apple of the Department of Justice.
Immediately companies were penalized by Wall Street, however which could be firther and even more relevant impact? Do you think the US Government will proceed with this?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
12 months ago

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Well, not everything is going good with these companies. But, I think this is not new as these companies are under scan for so many things such as data, personal information and market monopoly etc etc. The real thing is - all these giants are running on a heavy cash, and moreover the cash is coming from public too ( stock etc). Playing with the market reputation of these companies is like playing with the stock market. Government also knows that.
I think US govt need to do it carefully. Also, some regulations are required otherwise these companies may become like Banks - if they collapse, economy gets bad impact.

Hitesh Mathpal
12 months ago
In case they will collapse (and I hope not) the impact on economy would be terrific - Paolo 12 months ago
Agree - and like US banks its an indirect blackmail. - Maya 12 months ago

Any organization that is sitting on this big of a cash - is doing something "Not Right". Yes - sometimes unknowingly.
But, the force of lawyers they hire - I doubt they don't know what they are doing.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
12 months ago
Right, legal departments are quite developed now including teams working on privacy&co - Paolo 12 months ago

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