Why does terrorism get inked to a specific religion?


Scholars have debated whether religion is a distinctive aspect of contemporary terrorism or is secondary in importance to other factors, such as nationalism and rational calculations. Some scholars take a critical approach to the topic, pointing to normative concerns with the study of religion and terrorism, and disparate other scholars have analyzed how religion and terrorism relate to a vast array of topics from public opinion to political repression.

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Khalid Raza
12 months ago

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It is the easiest way how our society has been molded to think and link it to religion. The elements who are responsible for inducing this venom know that religion is the easy way to attack sentiments and emotions of public, and they are taking advantage of it.
Sad part is no one is ready to accept this, that all the terrorism linked to religion is just a landing space and to fool this world, they know how the sentiments of people are attached to their faith, so they use it as humans actually are emotional fools and react with thinking and analyzing and now we have far right groups who are adding fuel to these acts .

Masarrat A Shah
12 months ago

Looks like the joint topics of terrorism and religion have scared everyone away! There is no simple answer but it is often easy to bundle the two elements together in order to explain the many awful things that happen in the world.

David Cottrell
12 months ago

This is a vast topic. And pretty controversial too. But my two cents on for religion based terrorism -
Religion doesn't create terror , fanaticism does. And, poor education, intolerance and politics create a mix of fanatic religious groups. If any cult, religion, group or society is preventing their people to ask questions, do debate, challenge decisions imposed on them and their members are happily accepting this system- they are very vulnerable to convert into killers of those who disagree with them.

Hitesh Mathpal
12 months ago
So Hitesh, we need actual Eduaction, right education, Employment and work towards Economic growth. Governments need to focus on firstly on Education and Employment majorly for poor section. Empty mind is Devil Den, so if youth is jobless and uneducated then these fanatics take advantage of them and by giving false hopes and money recruit them or I will say Kill them, - Masarrat A 12 months ago

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