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What do you think about Oculus Quest? Will this be a successful all in one virtual reality? Everything is already in the device, no pc or consoles needed. The design looks great and it delivers experiences similar to pc VR.
Any experience to share?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
17 months ago

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It looks great and there appears to be a solid catalogue of games already. £499 gets you everything to get started. Reviews look solids. A gaming game-changer. Much more exciting than tetris

David Cottrell
17 months ago
David Cottrell thanks for sharing your feedback. Curious to look at the popularity of this device in the future. Would it be a new crack in the gaming area? - Paolo 17 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti There's still an issue with wearing the headset but it's soon forgotten. I remember the UK head of Sony saying that "British people wouldn't wear headphones" when the walkman was first released. Seems ludicrous now. - David 17 months ago
David Cottrell a bit ludicrous now, one of the best examples of bad predictions - Paolo 17 months ago
Along with the VP of Sales at IBM once saying that 'home computing wouldn't take off'! - David 17 months ago
e-commerce would not be a thing (said just after the launch of Amazon). There are several other funny stories. - Paolo 17 months ago

Even as an avid technologist, I didn’t jump into VR until the Oculus GO came out, principally because of the “all-in-one” design greatly reducing the friction to jump in. Now having used the Quest for a few weeks (since release), I am bullish on this product being the tipping point to bring VR gaming into the mainstream consumer market; it is head and shoulders above the GO and, by most accounts, nearly as capable as many of the previous tethered options. I believe it has gotten to the point of being “good enough”, having all of the features and capability necessary to be a great experience.

The challenge now, is the development of the ecosystem supporting the platform. Oculus did a great job of getting a number of great pieces of content available at launch, but their ability to simultaneously build a market of consumers as well as a stable of serious software developers will be key. No matter how great the hardware platform is, content is king.

BTW - this is the first “game” technology platform I have been excited about in decades. Not only have I now been able to finally engage in a “real” light-saber battle, but I did so in a way that didn’t include only exercising my thumbs. I think the value here is similar to what the Wii brought (physical interaction), but on a whole new level. I can finally see the road that leads to the science fiction future envisioned in works like “Ready Player One”.

Kenneth Salchow, Jr.
17 months ago
Thanks for sharing your experience. The more the device will be successful, the more content is expanded - Paolo 17 months ago

VR has been nominated as the most challenging technology for years. Now it’s a reality. I don’t know much on it, but it looks amazing, and I’m looking forward to know more on it

Isabel Moreno Indias
17 months ago

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