How to manage teams in multiple timezones


How do you manage to work with teams in different timezones. For example in onsite, offshore model. These days you have teams working on multiple geolocations.

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Hitesh Mathpal
41 months ago

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I am doing this for years now, managing teams from different time zones. So, its simple we have to see which time suits in middle for the teams where no team has to stretch or work late. Also, in certain scenarios, if teams cannot all be on one call then have individual meetings on various days of week where you can see your time which will be comfortable of both sides.

Masarrat A Shah
41 months ago

Apart from timing mentioned by others, managing by the “remote” needs to follow the basic management rules such as clear definition of tasks and responsibilities, outcomes, timelines, reporting, etc.

Karel Petrak
41 months ago
Agree. - Charu 41 months ago

There are two basics -

  1. Tool
  2. Processes

There are a lot of collaboration tools available for project management and team management that can help you, and the next thing is process. Meeting timings and some hours overlap can help you.

Charu Gulati
41 months ago
If you define your tasks clearly and you have appropriate communication tools, this should not be that complicated. - Maya 41 months ago

It can be difficult with geographic extremes (New Zealand) but as Masarrat A Shah states, there is a 'sweet spot' that just about works for all.

David Cottrell
41 months ago
Yes, David we need that area of understanding, I have handled teams from Canada, India, US all together sometimes it is tough but we need to understand all. - Masarrat A 41 months ago

While there are numerous best practices the end result needs to be based on your personal leadership style and the team makeup. Cadence and format for meetings will depend greatly on the task and deliverable being managed. For many years offshore and outsourced management of remote teams has driven innovation in conferencing and video/digital presence technology.
With Microsoft Teams, Trello, GroupMe and more there are numerous methods to assign, track and close out different tasks and responsibilities across the globe. Language barriers can be an issue but with written communication formats it is generally easier to translate or infer when there is a gap.

Oren Birks, MBA
41 months ago

I have an offshore in China. Being in North America, I found a strong meeting / communication channel, decentralized ownerships and defined tasks/ownership helps.
This actually works pretty well.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
41 months ago

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