Quit your job and Travel the world


What it is like to quit your job and travel the world? Should we do this ?How do people manage their financial needs at the time of travelling after quitting the job?

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32 months ago

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It wholly depends - the world is literally your oyster.
The biggest question you need to consider is - what type of lifestyle am I truly looking to pursue?

There are a couple reasons why that is important. Firstly, living as a digital nomad (working remote around the globe) or traveling to explore, learn, and gain perspective drive two totally different lifestyles. Important to consider are the geographies (wine in Paris is a lot more expensive than freelance work living in Bali) you're looking to visit as well - clearly define your financial runway and make sure you have enough padding that if it all goes downhill, or you successfully complete the trip and have a hard time finding work, that you can live for a month or two while you look to get re-integrated into your old lifestyle. Note that freelancing for a living will likely take double the time and effort you're expecting (you're an entrepreneur), and you should be prepared to the realization that you're a long flight away from your family in cases of emergencies (on longer trips, the likelihood that something will go wrong with someone from a health perspective goes way up).

I find the above to be much more pressing than actual access to financial means. Most banks will be accessible via ATM around the globe, and credit card companies are built to accommodate the modern traveler.

Hope that this provides some insight! Lastly and most important of all - do it! Traveling the world will provide such an incredible perspective and lasting memories - 25 countries in and nowhere near stopping anytime soon.

Jeffrey Eker, Jr.
32 months ago

Maybe a sabbatical of 6 months/1 year? Or maybe you will quit your job to find an unexpected one on the other side of the world. Or when back and fully recharged you will find a new one in your place and will start again. In any case have a financial plan in place, how much you want to spend and how much you will have when back. I am considering to quit the job and travel the world in the future, indeed a risk but it could be worth to try.

Paolo Beffagnotti
32 months ago

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