Daimler Ambition 2039


What do you think about the Daimler Ambition 2039? The plan is to have factories producing in a climate-neutral manner by 2022, offering 50% of electric cars by 2030 and sell just electric cars in 20 years, This should include vans and trucks too and guarantee performance and luxury at the same time. Do you think this plan could be feasible?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
12 months ago

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Aim for the stars to reach the moon!

Patrick Henz
12 months ago
Will they make it or bang just out of the atmosphere? It will be a huge investment and bet. - Paolo 12 months ago
Due to my understanding of Daimler's corporate culture, if they communicate this, they plan to reach this goal. - Patrick 12 months ago
Anticipating this to the market create a big expectation, on the other side put pressure on competitors - Paolo 12 months ago
Agreed, a powerful claim, to be considered by competitors. - Patrick 12 months ago

They are behind the curve on this. Their first 'new' EV is still to be released and will be based on an existing model (GLA). Many of their competitors have started from scratch with their EV strategy (BMW i range).

Their new vehicle (the EQC) will sell for £65k in the UK. The equivalent petrol vehicle (GLA) starts at £25k. I can buy a well specified E class for £35k. This doesn't look like a viable strategy to me.

David Cottrell
12 months ago
These cars are still expensive, will Daimler be able to cut the prices? At this price point it will be a failure - Paolo 12 months ago
Agreed. Battery prices will fall but they have to tumble a long way. - David 12 months ago
and then start the procedure to dispose of the exhausted batteries - Paolo 12 months ago
Perhaps diesel isn't so bad after all! - David 12 months ago
I know this is just for city living but the idea of taking the battery out of the scooter and charging in the home is very neat. - David 12 months ago
Interesting, yes rechargable batteries are solutions. Valuable the solution of the charging dock at least for scooter. - Paolo 12 months ago

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