Internet Calling vs Telecom calling


Internet calling has become so popular. Most of the consumers like to use internet calling because of price, connectivity and range. What is your thought about that ? Are the days of long distance calling cards / plans are over ?

Hitesh Mathpal
41 months ago

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Absolutely those days are almost over, people have so many options now available on their fingertips. The biggest advantage by far is the most obvious: ease of use and portability. There is a cellular network in most populated areas, so to make a call it’s simply a need to have access to a cell signal and most of the times the signal is weak and zero connectivity.
Compared to regular phone calls, a VoIP call that uses your data plan is still a better option than relying on the cellular network. By doing a little math, the results are in favor of VoIP, since the consumption of 1MB of data costs significantly less than one minute used from your phone plan. In other words, no matter what mobile service providers say, VoIP is definitely cheaper.

Masarrat A Shah
41 months ago
Exactly !! - Maya 41 months ago

Telecom calling is expensive specially for long distance calls. I don't understand why. Sometimes if you do the math if you find a good data plan is cheaper.
Also with vast availability of WiFi, I think data call is more popular than telecom calls.  

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
41 months ago
Agree, internet call is cheaper. - Hitesh 41 months ago
Agree! - María F 41 months ago
Yes. Totally agree. Also, with smartphones people are more into video calls when they long distance. Internet calling provides the best option. - Charu 41 months ago

long distance calling now a day always with internet, never telecom

María F Lara
41 months ago
Yes, indeed. Do you think internet call will replace telecalling after 5G ? - Hitesh 41 months ago
Ofcourse! It will - María F 41 months ago
Yes, 5G and accessibility of Wi-Fi will make the call cheaper. - Charu 41 months ago

Internet calling is cheaper and is the future. Telecom companies are mostly data companies now. If you see their business model either they are selling data or data driven services. They hardly focus on calltime or talktime.

Charu Gulati
41 months ago
Agree Charu Gulati. All are data shops now. - Maya 41 months ago

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