Do you mentor someone? Why?


Some of the most famous executives and leaders in human history can trace their success back to the influence of a key mentor. As I progress through my career I reflect back on my first mentor and his encouragement, willingness to call out my weaknesses and guidance to help me improve. I now mentor 2 junior staff at all times. As one moves on from my team I seek out a new candidate.
Did you have a mentor early in your career/currently?
Do you mentor junior professionals in your area? Why do you do it, or if you do not why not?

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Oren Birks, MBA
20 months ago

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Yes, I do mentor my juniors and new employees in the company as it gives me immense satisfaction. In our organization we have a special mentor-ship program where employees can choose a mentor in any field or technology or area for themselves. It is the best way to give back to the organization and share your knowledge and expertise.
What I believe is if you have knowledge spread it rather than keeping it to yourself. Help others learn and grow and it is the best way to nurture new people in their jobs and areas they want to excel. 2017 I was awarded the leading mentor among 12 global locations or CIC's. it gave me immense happiness and joy to feel that I gave my best to others and organization did recognized my efforts and work.
So, Give back and share knowledge you have and let others get benefit from it.

Masarrat A Shah
20 months ago
Congratulations on the recognition for your efforts to invest in the next generation of leaders. I too find great satisfaction in sharing and helping others grow. - Oren 20 months ago
Thats wonderful Oren, indeed it gives satisfaction and happiness, - Masarrat A 20 months ago

I do mentor. However, I have sensed that sometimes women do not feel receptives to be mentored by another women..... Sounds sad, but sometimes it hapends

María F Lara
20 months ago
Great insight. I have mentored men and women over the years and I have encouraged the women leaders working with me to begin mentoring as well. There does seem to be some resistance either from the female leader herself or from the female mentee. What do you think contributes to the resistance to accept or offer mentorship with females in the workplace? - Oren 20 months ago
Uff, It is difficult, to know Oren. - María F 20 months ago

Mentoring professionally is akin to the master apprentice practice in art & design. I believe mentoring is key to paying forward all that you have gained from years of professional learning.. I was mentored & I mentor now, as I believe we learn from those that share their talent. And if you pay forward this practice, we grow & learn always,

More professionals would have clout, if mentoring was a customary practice., I love the idea of life long learning. Always a student, even if you are a master. kellyannart | Kellyann Gilson Lyman
20 months ago
Absolutely! Life long learning is critical in a world that changes daily. I hadn't considered the master/apprentice model as the grandfather to the mentoring relationship. I like that comparison as it paints a slightly different picture of how knowledge can be transferred. Great comment! - Oren 20 months ago

I've been a mentor with the Prince's Trust for over 10 years. I've worked with many young entrepreneurs as they take their first steps in business. I've helped the majority get to a stable trading situation and continue to offer support as required.

I like to think that my experiences have helped these people but I also take from the relationship. Mentoring keeps me on my toes and is always challenging. Keep sharp and stay on the top of one's game.

David Cottrell
20 months ago
What a wonderful experience and opportunity to shape new business leaders. I agree that mentoring allows for both parties to learn and grow. - Oren 20 months ago

Mentoring is a way to bless others, prepare the next generation, and stay sharp through deeply pondering what's most important as you help others with the relevant experience, wisdom, and perspective you have. As a Christian, we are responsible to serve others well, to prepare the next generation (2Timothy 2:2), and to ably steward the resources we've been entrusted with. I'm always mentoring others in small groups, one-on-one, or in institutional/organizational group settings.

Don Barefoot
20 months ago
Thank you for pointing out that serving others is a calling given to us by our Christian Father. I find the same service foundation in trendy topics like servant leadership and coaching/guiding leadership. As the saying goes, what was old is new again. - Oren 20 months ago
The unbreakable eternal truth is always relevant and always the most productive prescription! - Don 20 months ago

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