Techniques to Personalized Account Based Marketing Strategy


There has been a dramatic rise in account based marketing (ABM) as a primary marketing and communications strategy for B2B companies. What are some unique strategies and tactics that allow personalization beyond a custom name field?

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Zack Carpenter
4 months ago

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Hi Zack,

In my case, we just started with ABM this FY and we created a split between 1-to-1 ABM (Spearfishing) and 1-to-many (Targeted Accounts) we work with a Tier system in our CRM which we review every 6 months.

We are tracking all the news about the targeted orgs and we create content (Text & Video) based on them, which will use to target their social media following.

We also created half day events in targeted cities where we invited key stakeholders from the ABM targeted orgs.

Hope this helps

Radu Stoia
4 months ago

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