Low cost small green House


Do you agree that low cost small houses are popular,exciting, comfortable, sustainable and energy efficient  which are acceptable by more people?

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Jatindranath Das
4 months ago

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I guess that it will depends on how many people lieve in it and how small the house is.....

María F Lara
4 months ago
However house surrounded with green garden lawn or green premises is good for health and society. - Jatindranath 4 months ago

The trend is more people moving to the urban core. So the idea of a small house is counter to the trend. We are seeing micro-apartments spring up with a full array of amenities. As land becomes more expensive and sprawl seems to be discouraged, small 'houses' may only benefit a small portion of the economy - zero energy rural inhabitants, resorts or short-term lodging, or vacation homes.

1 month ago
I agree with you. In urban areas more people prefer to have a low cost house having required minimum amenities. - Jatindranath 30 days ago
Anything that increaes the affordability is welcomed. - Tahir 28 days ago

When affordability is a big issue for many, any cost-effective solution is highly welcomed. More greens and waterways around, better will be the uptake.

Tahir Iqbal
26 days ago

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