Should Marijuana be made legal?


The world is always divided on this topic - what is your view?

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Khalid Raza
40 months ago

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Yes. If we compare the costs of the use of Marijuana in opposite to legal and socially accepted alcohol. the last one is quite more negative. As stated before, make it legal and tax it.

Patrick Henz
40 months ago
Could you explain what do you mean by cost Patrick Henz - Khalid 39 months ago
The costs of alcohol (including alcoholism) for society include accidents (automobile, workplace), aggression against family-members, healthcare costs, etc. - Patrick 39 months ago
That is a good read Patrick Henz - Khalid 39 months ago
Thanks!! - Patrick 39 months ago

Yes, marijuana should be legal, and it is in Colorado where I live. None of the predicted social disasters have come to pass and if there has been any measurable effects, they have been positive. Drunk driving and petty crime are down a bit. We've taken away a tool that the police have traditionally used to harass blacks and other people of color, which they should never have been able to do in the first place.

Tax revenues are up significantly, which is a good thing in a fast-growing state where revenues are constitutionally limited and our schools are historically underfunded. Colorado has become one of the most attractive states for young people to move to, but we're not just getting the stoners, it's more like we're getting a lot of the best and the brightest. We seem to be "brain draining" the rest of the country to a degree that a few nearby states are complaining about it. Too bad, Kansas!

In Colorado, the production of marijuana is carefully and strictly regulated from the seed to the bud with what has become a Gold Standard for other states to copy as the legalize it. This has spawned an entire industry of consultants, experts at various stages of the process from policy to cultivation and sale that are selling their services as other states legalize, which has brought more income in to the state. We're also in the process of rewriting our banking laws in ways that could make Colorado the Switzerland of America some day.

And just so you know, I'm an old white guy that doesn't smoke.

Ski Milburn
39 months ago

Regulation is always a good point. Who wants to consume should have the guarantee of a good quality product. For example, it is a nonsense than in Spain we can consume, but not buy.

Isabel Moreno Indias
39 months ago

Legalize and regulate.

This shouldn’t be much of a debate. We have a long history of lessons suggesting prohibition does not work and, conversely, creates more problems than it solves. Prohibition of alcohol (and gambling) gave rise to the mafia. Drug prohibitions gave rise to the cartels. You cannot legislate away activities that are in high demand as it simply creates a viable business model for those unconcerned with the law and willing to take high risks for high reward. On the other hand, when we allow for legal markets with oversight, the market dynamics are dramatically different; the value proposition is not simply “access to illegal markets”, but built on quality, safety, sustainability.

In short, outright prohibition breeds corrosive social effects while legalization allows for regulated access that minimizes the negative effects on society.

Kenneth Salchow, Jr.
39 months ago
Great answeee kenneth, the key point is safety for the consumer - Isabel 39 months ago

It should be legal - making it illegal doesn't solve anything. However, monitoring and control is very important. It is legal in many parts of the world.

Hitesh Mathpal
40 months ago
Agree, - Charu 40 months ago
Hitesh Mathpal The question is how to monitor? - Khalid 39 months ago
One thing is - only sell in approved or licensed stores. Like liquor. - Maya 39 months ago

It is legal in various part of the work and working ok under this arrangement. This arguement is like alchohol.

Charu Gulati
40 months ago
But like alchohol you need a governing system. - Hitesh 40 months ago
Yes, indeed. - Maya 40 months ago
That system is the one who banned it in the first place in India! - Khalid 39 months ago

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
40 months ago
Thanks for sharing this Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd - Khalid 39 months ago

Considering that other things that could be dangerous (e.g. alcohol and cigarettes) are legal, I would say yes but well regulamented both for therapeutic and recreational (as in the Netherlands) purposes.

Paolo Beffagnotti
39 months ago

Probably legal. At least we will all profit from taxes like from tabacco and alcohol. Legal but not allow to use in certain areas as it happen with tabacco. Not in childs parks, not in restaurants, not in school area, not in closed public transport, not at work...etc.

María F Lara
40 months ago
Because of smoke? María F Lara - Khalid 39 months ago
because of smoke, smell, toxic compounds in the smoke, because of the behaviour that child learn if the see it normal and healthy because adults do it..... a lot of reasons and because I am tired of seen the parks and the school doors full of butts that childs takes to play with.... - María F 39 months ago

The legalization efforts in the US have begun to take hold. Many states legalized medical marijuana as there have been reputable studies conducted that prove the benefits of the THC. In the last 5 years 4 states have legalized recreational use of marijuana. This has sparked a lot of debate regarding the benefit and the workplace impacts of such a move.
Marijuana is still a federally registered illegal drug. Workplace policies and safety guidelines have not been revised to allow for positive drug test "exceptions" for marijuana.
At the core of all of this is the salient point that pro-legalization people like to bring up. If alcohol is legal and it is by far more damaging than marijuana then why is marijuana still illegal? The reason is not about the drug itself, it is much less pleasant to discuss. The US government benefited from the war on drugs and marijuana was the most available and widely used drug through the 50s and 60s. The desire to have nearly unlimited funding was too much to pass up for the politicians so here we are.
The next logical step would be to review medically available information on the affects of long term use of marijuana in the numerous methods of consumption. Following the results would be the development of a field sobriety test, like the ones established for alcohol. Adjustment of state laws for DUI enforcement for operating a vehicle under the influence of marijuana would be needed before votes to allow recreational use. Once this framework is in place then company policy can be adjusted to reflect the business' acceptable use or prohibition position. A graphic design office would probably not have much of an issue with recreational marijuana users coming to work and even using during lunch or on break. A high voltage powerline worker rigged up on a 30 meter tower would have entirely different requirements to be completely sober and alert.
In conclusion I believe that the future will include recreational marijuana usage in all states of the US. It will become synonymous with smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol, and laws will reflect equivalent penalties for driving while impaired by marijuana.

Oren Birks, MBA
40 months ago
if a graphic designer can, why not an investment banker? Oren Birks, MBA - Khalid 39 months ago
I would expect that the list of careers where daily marijuana, or other substances, would be inconsequential. In my example I was seeking to illustrate my point with examples that would be easily accepted as plausible. - Oren 39 months ago

I think it should. Ilegal things are always more attractive to people. Plus, nowadays, legal or ilegal I think almost everybody uses it.

Daniela Girniceanu
39 months ago
Certainly not everyone despite the attempts to popularize it in movies and television. Just as one would not state that everyone consumes alcohol it is the same with not all people choosing to smoke tobacco or pot. I agree that legalization is overdue and with proper laws around impairment and driving or working it can be mainstreamed like alcohol. - Oren 39 months ago

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