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Is there need of Consumer awareness forum or consumer court.? whether consumer should be aware about their right to get right material in right price. In case any defect that should be replaced by company. Please share your idea.

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Jatindranath Das
13 months ago

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I see this as a terrible, overreaching idea, and one that would be punitively administered by a kangaroo-court of para-governmental, para-judicial regulators that would in essence be redundant with the legislative and court systems already in place in western nations. This would be analogous to the activist EEOC boards that exists at local, county, state, and federal levels in America and often end up with novel, biased rulings and judgments that must be overturned in the courts at great expense. The free market and age-old caveat, "buyer beware," still holds true. There are simply too many combinations of features/attributes, varying buyer motivations, and consumer capabilities to provide such insurance or guarantees at the public's expense. Such redundant panels are yet one more place where scammers and utopian redistributionists will focus their efforts at the expense of true freedom and personal accountability for choices made.

Don Barefoot
13 months ago
Most valuable comments. Is there any reformation possible. - Jatindranath 13 months ago
Redundant "protections" always end up being anything but helpful. The best approach is to promote transparent, "consumer reports" type of information on products and services (ratings, quality, cost, features, competitors, etc.) and to let those who take the time to be informed make better decisions. Government can't guarantee anything, only people and businesses can by using their judgment. - Don 13 months ago
That means companies of products should give guarantee for replacement or cost refund when defect reported.In present days companies engaged in online marketing system like Amazon are taking back defective product either replacing or refunding money paid. This system should be adopted by all so that customer can trust on product of companies. - Jatindranath 13 months ago
This is an area where competing sellers may chose to distnguish their level of service from one another, with one promising "satisfactions guaranteed with no questions asked", another offering proven product flaw/failure replacement or store credit, and another selling on a "all sales final" basis. Freedom, not "one size fits all" drives robust marketing & competitionopping, and robust - Don 13 months ago

Which country and jurisdiction you are looking for ? Different countries have different systems.

Hitesh Mathpal
13 months ago

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