Your favourite browser


Which is your favourite browser?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Mozilla
  • Tor
  • Yandex browser
  • Safari
  • other ones

and why you are using it? Pros and cons are welcome.

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Paolo Beffagnotti
13 months ago

6 answers


I use Chrome the most - better speed and caching. Also - a lots of good plugins available.
The next is Firefox. Though I like Safari as well but only when I use my Mac.

Hitesh Mathpal
13 months ago
Agree with you, Chrome is the best to me on a daily basis. I use Tor just for the deep web - Paolo 13 months ago
I agree that both chrome and firefox are the best - Lawrence 13 months ago

For me its Chrome. I found it faster.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
13 months ago

Don't forget 'Ask Jeeves'! I've searched for things via this browser and it has sent me to google! Not the best!

David Cottrell
13 months ago
Personally speaking, I don'tlike it - Paolo 13 months ago
Agreed! - David 13 months ago

Well, both chrome and fire fox are great. But i lave a slight preference to fire fox. Perhaps because of its lay out which is not simple neither complex. Besides, many stated chrome is slightly faster, but i found that fire fox is smoother in the operation when i surf the net. Well, i guess i depends on each one of us.

Lawrence Loy
13 months ago
To me chrome is a bit faster but not that much as compared with Firefox, for sure than explorer - Paolo 13 months ago
That true Paolo, both are better than explorer! - Lawrence 13 months ago

Duck Duck Go.

Speedy, doesn't junk up my RAM, doesn't creep inside my life. Private. I use it on all platforms and LOVE IT.


Karen Bluestein
12 months ago
agree with you Karen Bluestein, get the rid of all the not wanted ads - Paolo 12 months ago


Dr. Mazlan Abbas
13 months ago
I use it on my mobile - Paolo 13 months ago

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