Your favourite browser


Which is your favourite browser?

  • Internet Explorer
  • Google Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Mozilla
  • Tor
  • Yandex browser
  • Safari
  • other ones

and why you are using it? Pros and cons are welcome.

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Paolo Beffagnotti
6 months ago

6 answers


I use Chrome the most - better speed and caching. Also - a lots of good plugins available.
The next is Firefox. Though I like Safari as well but only when I use my Mac.

Hitesh Mathpal
6 months ago
Agree with you, Chrome is the best to me on a daily basis. I use Tor just for the deep web - Paolo 6 months ago
I agree that both chrome and firefox are the best - Lawrence 6 months ago

For me its Chrome. I found it faster.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
6 months ago

Don't forget 'Ask Jeeves'! I've searched for things via this browser and it has sent me to google! Not the best!

David Cottrell
6 months ago
Personally speaking, I don'tlike it - Paolo 6 months ago
Agreed! - David 6 months ago

Well, both chrome and fire fox are great. But i lave a slight preference to fire fox. Perhaps because of its lay out which is not simple neither complex. Besides, many stated chrome is slightly faster, but i found that fire fox is smoother in the operation when i surf the net. Well, i guess i depends on each one of us.

Lawrence Loy
6 months ago
To me chrome is a bit faster but not that much as compared with Firefox, for sure than explorer - Paolo 6 months ago
That true Paolo, both are better than explorer! - Lawrence 6 months ago

Duck Duck Go.

Speedy, doesn't junk up my RAM, doesn't creep inside my life. Private. I use it on all platforms and LOVE IT.


Karen Bluestein
6 months ago
agree with you Karen Bluestein, get the rid of all the not wanted ads - Paolo 6 months ago


Dr. Mazlan Abbas
6 months ago
I use it on my mobile - Paolo 6 months ago

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