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Do you think higher education has become so expensive that sometimes it's a burden ? I see a lot of university programs are expensive however, the returns in terms of job opportunities are not that great. How to address this problem.

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Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
41 months ago

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Different countries have different systems. In the UK a student loan can build up to £30k but only has to be paid back only if the student earns above a certain figure. If they do earn above that figure, the repayment can be punitive.

David Cottrell
41 months ago
That is interesting. And, what if student doesn't get job until a certain time period ? - Maya 41 months ago
They don't have to pay back the loan. It's a strange deal as it almost punishes high earners but supports those without work. - David 41 months ago
Indeed. A strange deal. - Hitesh 41 months ago

University education is expensive and this is true is not producing jobs for many of the courses. However, the fees are high. As per the report from Bloomberg 40M+ Americans have at least one student loan and 70% of the graduates enter to the job market with a debt. The amount of loan is more than 1.5 trillion.

The problem is not all graduates or the courses they are graduate with can produce earnings.

Hitesh Mathpal
41 months ago
These numbers are high. - Maya 41 months ago

Education loan is good if that education can provide you a job. There is a big gap between what is being taught in universities vs demand in market.

Charu Gulati
41 months ago

In Germany (and other countries) public universities offer the complete education for free which allows students to leave without debts and start a career without this pressure. As higher education benefits the whole country, not only business, but also society, as it makes the region more robust against populist parties, a possibility to think of for other countries.

Patrick Henz
41 months ago

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