Top 8 Most Popular Electric Cars for 2019


Did you try any of these? It would be great if you can share any experience, pros and cons. Is price still the main concern? Tesla looks still the most popular model. Source:
Generally speaking, the US market is increasing, in the Netherlands they doubled and Amsterdam launched a challenging plan to ban all but electric cars from the city by 2030.

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Paolo Beffagnotti
13 months ago

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I drove a Mitsubishi for a couple of days. It was fun around town. I wonder about the battery efficiency over time. Any household equipment with rechargeable batteries looses capacity over time.

David Cottrell
13 months ago
Yes! Most probably it can last for 8-10 years and replace with a new battery which is quite costly! - Adrian 13 months ago
A concern could be if you don't live in a very populated area. Think about Australia. It could be challenging to find a re-charge station. - Paolo 13 months ago
Well said that the capacity of rechargeable batteries losses its capacity looses over time. Hence, it the long run, any car with replaceable batteries are needed to substituted! - Chun 13 months ago
Replacing the battery would be prohibitively expensive and environmentally impactful. Does this make the full lifetime impact of the combustion engine more viable? - David 13 months ago

Price, Range and Charging time are the big three barriers to adoption. The price of gasoline being relatively lower and less volatile doesn't help either as people have short memories. Infrastructure has a long way to go too. Not everyone who wants an electric car necessarily has a garage where they can install a charging port. Finally after all of the logical questions of practicality there is the big one - will it help? Is it necessary? There are a lot of fence sitters who can vacillate back to gas powered vehicles thinking that it won't make a difference on the global scale.

Anthony Jaccarino
13 months ago
Agree on the barriers. The price of the gasoline is quite volatile according to the different countries, plus governments do no longer like this fuel and push to the electric cars. But as you said we need the proper infrastructure, and these still have a long way to go before being effective. - Paolo 13 months ago

I tried IONIQ Electric Hyundai Car. Excellent in fuel economy and decent all-electric range! it can drove up to 25-26 miles in electric mode. 

Adrian Minh
13 months ago
Thanks for sharing the experience. What about the cost for the car? - Paolo 13 months ago
Great Car, But i think it would be quite costly. - Chun 13 months ago
Paolo Beffagnotti.. It is about 35 thousand USD - Adrian 13 months ago
Thanks Adrian, not crazy expensive as compared with other e-cars - Paolo 13 months ago
£35k would get you a diesel E class Mercedes capable of 600 miles on a full tank and will last for well over 100k miles. Please tell me the relative environmental impact off such a car vs battery EV? - David 13 months ago
It looks that the gasoline cars are still on the lead considering the whole impact including batteries, autonomy, etc. - Paolo 13 months ago

I have not never owned any electric car so far. But, I am seriously thinking to have one. Toyota Prius is one of the popular car in my neighbourhood. Next is Nissan Leaf.

Hitesh Mathpal
13 months ago
Prius is a good car. But that is Hybrid I guess. It has better lifetime. - Maya 13 months ago
Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd right, Prius is a full hybrid electric automotive - Paolo 13 months ago

I tried Nissan Leaf. Honestly, I liked the car. Electric car market is increasing and I believe cars like Leaf will grow. Leaf is not very expensive too.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
13 months ago
Thanks for sharing it Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd. What about the duration of these cars? and the batteries? Recent gasoline cars could easily work for over 2/300K km. - Paolo 13 months ago

i'll go for Toyota Prius Prime. Even though the technology that Toyota uses might not be as cutting edge as others in the list but Toyota always build their car with 1 motive. For long term usage to avoid excessive wastage!

Chun Wei
13 months ago
Are we considering hybrids in the electric car discussion? Two different animals. - Anthony 13 months ago
I was thinking about purely electric cars - Paolo 13 months ago

I had a hybrid Toyota Prius a it works very well, very silent, what it is good, but can be dangerous for pedestrian. It is good at gas consumption. But I heard, that even thought hybrid are more enviromental friendly in the dayly use, the manufacture of hybrid/electrics cars creates more pollution/contaminants than regular car manufacturing. Is it that true???

María F Lara
13 months ago
Interesting question María F Lara, I have no clue but I hope someone can advice. Good point, cars are very silent and can be dangerous for pedestrian. - Paolo 13 months ago
There is some debate on the manufacturing footprint. More significant is the scarcity of rare earths material. Doing the math suggests that hybrids could not replace all gas powered vehicles, nor could pure electrics. - Anthony 13 months ago
Thanks for the feedback Anthony Jaccarino - Paolo 13 months ago

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