Do we really need Facebook


Facebook is very popular now. Everyone uses Facebook for their social status. My question is - how does it impact your daily life if Facebook is not there ? Is this something important for your life or growth ?

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Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
11 days ago

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I think facebook has become a part of our lives for communication. That is a medium you need to keep you updated, and to update your loved ones. If facebook is not there, I am sure, we'll find some other similar platform. But, as a platform, we need something like that.

Hitesh Mathpal
11 days ago
Agree. But, at the same time you have more private platform like Whatsapp and all, where you can decide whome to communicate. Facebook is like a streat, everyone is watching you. - Charu 11 days ago
Good points. Charu Gulati WhatsApp is completely a different use case I think. - Maya 11 days ago

I do not and never have used Facebook. Social status? Get out more and breath fresh air!

David Cottrell
9 days ago
More than for a social status, I consider it to keep connections with people living far away - Paolo 8 days ago

I like to have facebook as my own journal where to keep my interests, news I like, pictures to remember.... and know about others. It is not mandatory for me, but usefull as personal journal more than social.

María F Lara
8 days ago
That is a nice outlook. Its like having that news magzine at home which you buy anyway. - Maya 8 days ago

This is good to have but not a must for me. Yes, earlier this was something very useful to communicate with friends, family etc, But now, it looks too crowded. People share things of no use.

Charu Gulati
11 days ago
Agree. Facebook is cluttered with the no required content. - Maya 11 days ago

Facebook is a nice to have. It is not mandatory or crucial to have it, but it can generate interesting opportunities.
Instagram is a similar case, Linkedin is more important to me.

Paolo Beffagnotti
10 days ago
Agree. LinkedIn is something that has a value. - Hitesh 9 days ago
LI is much more valuable to me. - David 8 days ago
Agree, LinkedIn talks sense. - Maya 8 days ago

If you see Generation Z, most of them are not regularly using Facebook anymore, as they prefer closed groups, like WhatsApp. Facebook will live one, but maybe lose a part of its attraction.

Patrick Henz
8 days ago
Quit FB looks a trend now. Personally speaking I disagree with most of the reasons provided. - Paolo 8 days ago

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