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What can I do to speed up the recruitment process so more applications can be accepted and more job vacancies can be filled faster?

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Khalid Raza
6 months ago

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Pull people off the streets and give them jobs! Some of them will be OK!

David Cottrell
6 months ago
ha ha... Not sure I could share that as a strategy! - Khalid 6 months ago
Khalid Raza Use it as a short-term fix for any recruitment issues. If the success rate is >50% adopt it as a standard ! - David 6 months ago
May work for a cafe/restaurant. For skills we hire, well. - Khalid 6 months ago
  • Attempt to limit biases that systematically eliminate potential high quality candidates. Even when short staffed, I notice recruiters seeking out a 90% fit to perceived needs.

  • Be honest (face reality) about turnover and/or lower value (risk) with a 30-35 yr old vs hiring a person 45+ worker. I see frequent age bias (though legally done), reluctance to acknowledge that mid career hires are risky vs. more mature pros.

  • Close barriers that prevent engaging a person as consultant/contract worker for a stated headcount position. Flexible contract to hire should be win win, where otherwise a skill need stays unfilled for extra weeks

Michael Franken
6 months ago
Thanks Michael Franken.. on your point number 1, any ideas on how to achieve the same? - Khalid 6 months ago
Pair up recruiters to exchange filtering decisions - for a random sampling or % of candidates. This can help expose hidden biases or missed information. .2. Ask recruiters to pick candidates who represent a range of age (years worked or as perceived from available data), strengths or former roles. Maybe ask for 2-3 outliers - Michael 6 months ago

Make a short and quick interview process/ Decide fast and don't let the candidate wait. Also, be clear with your objective :)

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
6 months ago
Would that not risk of hiring in hurry and making a 'less-informed' decision Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd - Khalid 6 months ago

decide fast, make good interviews. most of our processes stop when they go out from the HR and move to the final interviews with the business areas. train these persons, if not all, have some ambassadors per main business that help in the final decision stage

Sandra Rebelo
6 months ago

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