What is the future of cryptocurrencies ?


We don't hear a lot about cryptos lately. There are more negative news about the coins then their usage. What do you think about the future of crypto currencies ? Is this more noise then product ?

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Hitesh Mathpal
42 months ago

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Cryptocurrencies are not going anywhere. However, the happy days seems over. Cryptocurrencies will remain like yet another payment method.

Charu Gulati
42 months ago
Agreed. - Hitesh 42 months ago
Cryptocurrencies are still down despite of the expected results. I am not in the condition to say that these are not going anywhere, however more doubts are popping up - Paolo 42 months ago
Yes, however the past few years showed the thing is not as promising as it was said. Again it looked that government and complicance are more powerful. This was the doubt from day one. - Charu 42 months ago
The question is - do you still buy crypto ? - Maya 42 months ago
No I don't. - Charu 41 months ago
I was thinking to buy then I skipped the idea - Paolo 41 months ago

Cryptocurrencies that will work will go to the ones that people can use to purchase things. As a result we have yet to have a crypto that allows you to buy things as easy as Visa or Union Pay . Frankly the big companies bringing out new currencies will win. Facebook, Amazon, Tencent etc. Now for crypto assets (like Bitcoin and its derivatives) there is a need for easy ways to park your money and to have an asset that is not subject to national currencies fluctuations. I beleive those will continue to be around. Bitcoin in my opinion is an asset, not a currency. In fact until you can but a cup of coffee/meal everywhere worldwide, I don't beleive any of these are currencies. I like Edward Snowdens comment that really sums these crypto currencies up well "Proof of Work as an environmentally destructive activity slanted in favour of the rich, and Proof of Stake as a direct handout to the rich in the hope that their greed will keep the system running." Blockchain as a development pattern will continue to flourish as a way of reducing layers of approval in many areas like supply chain, banking etc.

James Barry
42 months ago

They will be consigned to the crypto-toilets of the near future.

David Cottrell
42 months ago

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