Tesla shares negative results


Tesla just shared very negative results for the last quarter with a decline of 37%,
Furthermore electric semi truck production is delayed to next year.
Is this a negative trends for electric automotive in general? Any thought?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
13 months ago

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No, just Tesla. Smoke and mirrors has to turn into a tangible business. Cars need to be flooding out of the production unit and onto the roads.
Remember the 'dot com' bubble? Tesla will be the same. If you want an electric vehicle just wait a year and you will see the established car makers launching many new models. Who would bet against someone like Volvo to come out with a market-beating EV?

David Cottrell
13 months ago
Agree, none will bet against big companies such as Volvo. And probably car will be less expensive and using more tested technologies - Paolo 13 months ago

Tesla had been hyped the last years. so slowly they get "back to earth". Tesla results and numbers get analyzed in relation to other companies. Tesla faces normal challenges, like other new companies. Tesla, still has a good strategy, so no reason for panic.

Patrick Henz
13 months ago
The mission of Tesla is to accelerate transition to sustainable energy and its unique position and the vision of the future are the main strenghts. Tesla is now diversifying the business as it was failing to meet productions targets. Segmenting the market is leading to lower volume and not price sensitive consumers, let's see if this will be successful. - Paolo 13 months ago
They still need to fulfil the backlog of orders and show some track record for their vehicles. - David 13 months ago

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