Why attrition happens?


With tons of efforts (and money) being spent on employee engagement, why the attrition doesn't stop?

"...Average Voluntary attrition (2016-17) stats show the highest attrition was reported by the retail sector in India, with e-commerce being on the higher side with the average voluntary annual attrition of 20.4%, followed by media and advertising (18.5%) and banking and financial services (17.4%)."

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Khalid Raza
10 months ago

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The grass always appears greener in another garden. Under-valued employees (real or perceived) will go elsewhere if there are jobs being advertised.

David Cottrell
10 months ago
That's the conundrum - valued employees don't need employee engagement programs for them to be motivated. Do these efforts matter? - Khalid 10 months ago

There are many reasons -

  1. Career aspirations
  2. Peer comparison
  3. Lack of growth

Most of the big organizations deal with double digit percentage of attrition. Though, most of the people leave boss or team. For them that is the company.

Hitesh Mathpal
10 months ago
Some attrition is necessary in every organization. However double digit percentage is not good. - Maya 10 months ago

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
10 months ago
Interesting, Thanks Maya, - Charu 10 months ago

A few years ago we had a team of about 150 employees in India; it was when the IT sector was booming. The turnover rate was extremely high, and we realized that the abundance of options, as well as the increasing number of short-lived companies that would pay very high rates, were to blame.
Exit interviews showed that while we could have done better in many ways, the individuals would still leave for the most part.

Thanos Kosmidis
10 months ago
India is still grappling with the menace of job-hops and offer-drops. Until a gamut of companies come together to agree on some guidelines, this won't stop. Exit interviews is another sham. Most of the data is fake. - Khalid 10 months ago
Candidates I have interviewed in India always said 'I'll work for you just for a few years and then move onto more money and a bigger job'. They had no plans for a career in one place. - David 10 months ago

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