Linking candida to cancer


Is candida overgrowth the root cause of cancer?

Jacquie Walburn
39 months ago

1 answer


No, what could possibly prompt you to pose this question?

Meg B
39 months ago
I have seen articles coming up that cancer has now been reclassified as a fungus. Candida metastasizes just like cancer when it changes form to a hyphal state, growth through the intestinal wall, invades the blood, invades tissues anywhere in the body, incorporates it's DNA into ours, produces biofilms to protect itself from the immune system, alters the environment around it to suit its own needs - Jacquie 39 months ago
I think you've misinterpreted the information. An infection may have some if the hallmarks of cancer progression but the etiology is different. - Meg 39 months ago
My sister had her cancer's genetics analyzed & they concluded there was a root of Tibetan fungus in her cancer's DNA profile. Since she had spent time in Tibet, it triggered this thought pattern in my research on candida. - Jacquie 39 months ago

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