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What do you think about this policy? I took the benefit of this for quite a long time in the past.
Working from home needs clear goals and define expectations, not everyone can be eligible for this. Sometimes you must be physically at the office and available for in person meeting otherwise the risk is to miss connection with the team and clients. An effective communication is needed. Data and devices security is fundamental, you are probably dealing with sensitive and confidential data at a certain point. Tech support is needed. You need to be available during the office working hours and guarantee responsiveness. Get your work done and overcommunicate are the keys to be successful with this process and build trust. Oracle is a successful example.
Anyone want to share the experience with this?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
22 months ago

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I think that work from home need tremendous discipline to increase the productivity and work efficiency! However, work from home provide the flexibility to work where one could fix into any time slot they could offer! Work from home also provide comfort for people who are on rehabilitation (due to illness, post surgery, trauma) where they could just work from their home infront of the computer screen!

Lawrence Loy
22 months ago
Agreed Lawrence Loy , or also only need to take care of children, get them from school, etc. - Patrick 22 months ago
It will be more flexible. You will get more freedom to do what you want! and it be less stressful if you could produce same productivity to work in the office - Adrian 22 months ago
Agree with you Adrian, when well organized the productivity is the same - Paolo 21 months ago

From a researcher perspective, working in home is an alternative option, This is because researcher only need online resources to investigate topics and find information for their employers. Researchers can also perform optimization and modelling stuff as long the computer/laptop infront of them. It will be a better option than working in the office since researcher need a quiet environment instead.

Adrian Minh
22 months ago
Well said! Research and investigation takes alot of time and most of the paper work job are done not in the lab but at the person own comfort enviroment like their home! - Lawrence 22 months ago

I think the policy is great - if it is a good fit. Employers have to walk a fine line because allowing some to work from home and not others could be viewed as showing favoritism or even discriminatory. Technology allows employers to give this as an option, but it can also be taken advantage of if there are not clear regulations in place. For myself it has been about six months into the process. Now, I also do go into the office at least two days each week, sometimes more. When I first began working from home, I found that I started the day off great, but then after taking a break for lunch, wanted to work around the house = not good. It takes discipline and I have found that dividing my day up so that I have strategic goals for the morning and other goals for the afternoon has helped.

Jason Minsky
22 months ago
Good points Jason Minsky. We need discipline (I never worked lieing on the bed) and a clear regulation in place to avoid the feeling of discrimination. In any case it is helpful to show up at the office once or twice per week. Just plan this time in advance and inform colleagues. - Paolo 22 months ago

I do not mind this trend for certain markets, perhaps mostly markets like IT and cybersecurity and other professions that 99% of the time is spent at a computer screen. Fully agree that goals and objectives to focus that metric in the productive direction the company seeks is foremost of importance. How does one measure success and productivity otherwise? If an employee is merely asked to work on creative ideas, I fear savvy but lazy people can create an app the produces that appearance from their remote site whilst they wake board or work on their golf score.

Tom H
22 months ago
Agree but IT for example should stay close to the office to assist everyone - Paolo 22 months ago

WFH (Work From Home) is a new trend of working style mostly for those employees who are working in front of laptops or systems.

> A employee can avoid traffic easily and rather wasting time in traffic one can utilise that time in productive way.
> Employee get an environment to work which is very comfortable state.
> Also it saves production cost of organisation as well.(Electricity,Space,food etc)

Welcoming you to comment down your suggestions and thoughts below.Thank You.

Fact DNA
22 months ago
Agree with all the pros you mentioned, the main risk is to be disconnected with the office. You need your own good organization process to be successful. Another pros is having the opportunity to schedule some personal meeting during the day if you need and then recover the time later. - Paolo 22 months ago
Agree ...also need to set up an organization environment to work in productive need a speed internet ,need a set up or background to attend professional meetings. - Fact 22 months ago
Right, speed internet is required (luckily it is easier to set this now), as well as devices and security measures such as a VPN. - Paolo 22 months ago

For me, it works well because it respects employees' time for errands. When I worked for a large organization, I felt that I could be less stressed out about that trip to the bank or the dentist which could not be available after hours (especially when the working hours are long).

As a CEO now, I am all about respecting employees' time for errands - and anything else that makes sense.

And, by the way, I use the policy too, sometimes :-)

Thanos Kosmidis
22 months ago
Good cases Thanos Kosmidis, thanks for sharing these - Paolo 22 months ago

I think this is a great way to balance work and life. However to make it more efficient a good mechanism of productivity tracking is required.

Hitesh Mathpal
21 months ago
and in particular at this time, people need this balance - Paolo 21 months ago
Indeed. If you manage hours better- WFH is a great option. - Charu 21 months ago

Working from home is working remotely.
It enables a more diverse employment. It helps people who are qualified to do the job remotely, at the convenience of their homes, improves financial stats, gives better employment opportunities to those who can not commute.
This gives time for families to be together while earning.
No commute reduces the risk of accidents on the roads, and is healthier as it decreases exposure to environmental hazards
It needs discipline and logistics to accomplish the results required

Christine Hope Cuaresma
22 months ago
Thanks for your feedbacl Christine Hope Cuaresma. I did not consider risk of accidents on the road but it makes sense if living in a crowded area. I remember in the past, 6 minutes to go at the early morning, up to 1h when going back in the afternoon. Same road. - Paolo 22 months ago

WFH is a relevant policy to offer employees flexibility. Furthermore it is a sign of respect from the employer. Of course it not works for all job positions and employees may abuse it. But due to my experience, the risk is low and it is more the other way around, employees work longer, when at at home. This also, as they may feel a pressure to compensate the daily commute. Of course, WFH is not reason for manager to not fulfill their people management responsibilities, meaning to ensure that the people are efficient.

Patrick Henz
22 months ago
True enough. I agree that employee will be more dedicated tot heir job! Take Currnt as an example, even though it is not a primary job, many people actually taking their time to contributes their idea here! - Lawrence 22 months ago
Lawrence Loy , agreed! And the tendency to Gig-economy is still growing. - Patrick 22 months ago
True enough that the Gig economy is blooming! The younger generations prefer to work as gig due to the ability to work in a flexible manner and they are not bonded with any company or person! - Lawrence 22 months ago
This goes also to extreme with the "Digital Nomads", which leave the country to live and work in cheaper regions. So far, such jobs are limited to blogging or other tasks, which you can do independently from location. - Patrick 22 months ago

A work from home policy is becoming a very popular benefit that is offered by some employers. Employees more and more are seeking employment with companies that offer this benefit. This is a very important benefit for employees that allows them to be at home for a delivery, oversee repair work being conducted at their residence or even being at home with children so that employees can reduce their daycare costs and have more time with each other, also children's sports often require a parent to take them to a practice or a game before 5pm. This is a great alternative to having the employee burn PTO or vacation days to handle the busy lives that we all have in these times...

Jim Reszetucha, P.E.,mMBA, CEM, LEED AP BD+C
21 months ago
Agree with the benefit mentioned, just we need to be careful ti not exaggerate with the off work activities during the day - Paolo 21 months ago

Work is being constantly redefined. Where you work has never mattered for high performers. I've seen our company go from a very liberal WFH policy to having "anchor days" teams must be in the office. The plus side to WFH is obvious, the downside is when no one comes into the office and you wonder why we pay such high overhead for rent & equipment. I predict the future of business will be teams who want to see each other in-person and make effort to do so. Otherwise it will be clear objectives and work output that meets/exceeds stated objectives - for that to happen we don't need offices...or maybe even humans :0 ! -contributed while working from home.

Adrienne Houghton
21 months ago
a very liberal WFH policy with anchor days teams in the office is a good solution. Agree that this policy will redifine how the offices are set, as you said it is non-sense to have big places is none shows up. - Paolo 21 months ago
Adrienne Houghton , I know from some companies that they calculate office space including home-office. For this you have to combine the open-office (employees do not have a fixed place) with home office. Companies may offer only space for 85% of the employees, including holidays, business travel or home office. - Patrick 21 months ago
Patrick Henz the same in my company, considering travel, working from home, vacation, etc. there is no need to have space for 100% of the employee - Paolo 21 months ago

Work from home/ remote work/ telecommute is an alternate work style to support positive work life balance. The pre-requisite for this culture is to set up a good internet/Wifi connection. You need to have access to the organization's intranet, e-mailts and other messaging systems. You can manage time in a better way. Sure you need to prioritize tasks and meet dead lines.
This work style support the policies of climate change by reducing the carbon emissions and noise pollution.
Of course the chances of physical networking are less compared to the real office work.

Rosa John
21 months ago
Good point. This policy supports companies for their sustainability reports, as you can calculate a positive impact on the carbon footprint. - Patrick 21 months ago
Thanks Patrick! It is easy to measure the impact on the carbon foot print using the factors such as time, type of vehicle and fuel etc - Rosa 21 months ago

There is so much insight I don’t know how anything I would have to say could possibly have any difference or matter of impact over what is already here. Having experienced working from home both as the employee and the employer, all I can say is you need managers who are loyal to the company and diligently managing the remote staff and their work. From the employee perspective, you need to know you are disciplined and do your neat to stay on your game. Avoid allowing anything in your home or work area to distract you. If you’re able to do that, you could be great working remote.

Robert F. Yoder III
20 months ago
thanks for your comments Robert F. Yoder III, you hit the main ones. Distractions when working at home are the main issues, however when getting well organized you can really set your time as you prefer. - Paolo 20 months ago

Work from home is a good policy but if it is applied properly.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
21 months ago
Yes, agree. But how would you set the guideline for that. - Hitesh 20 months ago

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