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Is it really exist ?What is Black Hole ?What recent Black Hole image tell us ?

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Fact DNA
14 months ago

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It tells us that we have far bigger issues close at hand that we need to worry about!

David Cottrell
14 months ago
Definitely but we don't know the exact things to worry ,i think we will figure out something to avoid this kind of big issue in future.Thank you for replying. - Fact 14 months ago
Global warming, over population, water shortage should keep us busy. - David 14 months ago
Ultimate truth of our society ..but these problems we should take care too.. - Fact 14 months ago

VGG-Consulting /Vesselin Gueorguiev
14 months ago
Thanks for your answer - Fact 14 months ago

Hey David, that assumes that what we learn about and from a black hole will not have any application to our local/domestic problems. You may be correct, but problems have been answered in the most peculiar ways in the past. One never knows.

Tom Hayhurst
14 months ago

The first photo of a Black Hole may motive people as they can see that not all mysteries are solved yet.

Patrick Henz
14 months ago
Patrick Henz Thanks for your answer.Space is itself a unsolved mystery and we need to worry about our future too. - Fact 14 months ago
Yes, but I would worry less about black holes, but ,more about potential meteoroids. - Patrick 14 months ago

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