Amazon Workers Are Listening to What You Tell Alexa


Did you hear about this? In the frame of improving the Alexa digital assistant, Amazon listens to voice recordings captured in Echo owners’ homes and offices. Audio is then transcribed with the purpose of fed the software and eliminate gaps between human speech and Alexa understanding, What about privacy and security then?

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Paolo Beffagnotti
22 months ago

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Paolo Beffagnotti If you want privacy and security don't use Alexa or Siri. They tell their bosses everything!

David Cottrell
22 months ago
Agree but in theory these are supposed to be digital assistant, not to forward confidential information - Paolo 22 months ago
I prefer to think of them as Amazon/Apple employees working for me under a temporary contract. - David 22 months ago
Good interpretation of this! - Paolo 22 months ago

I read this as well. In the beginning I was very concerned.
I then remember when a while back I saw at a Google lobby (if I'm not mistaken) a screen showing search strings that the search engine had received in the past few milliseconds.
For some reason, the Alexa version is more creepy because it has our voice. But the Google version is potentially more dense in information.
Regardless, I felt much less concerned with the Google screen....

What about you?

Thanos Kosmidis
22 months ago
Agree with you, search strings can provide with much more information in a shorter time over and over again. It is not your voice but still what you are writing down. - Paolo 22 months ago

Should surprise no one. And don’t believe that the only purpose is to make the product better. Interesting homeland security court case in the making when they ask for the transcripts.

Anthony J
22 months ago

Not surprised at all. What else you expect ? Privacy and public internet can not exist together in reality, The ecosystem we have created around them with mobile phones and smart devices, everything can be tracked, listened, monitored and tracked. Even this is ok, problem comes when they start manipulating you with all your data.

Hitesh Mathpal
21 months ago
Exactly you call out the issue, when data is used to manipulate people - Paolo 21 months ago
These devices are made to listen you, analyze you and then sell you. - Maya 21 months ago

This is no surprise. The more dangerous thing if the date is not secure within Amazon. Data leaks news are not new.

Maya Kharkwal MA, BEd
21 months ago
Yes old news but still on the top of the discussions, never been fixed - Paolo 21 months ago


Patrick Henz
22 months ago
Not really, I could have imagined something similar - Paolo 22 months ago

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